Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving - A Time to Wake Up

"There are 4 steps to getting well….but before climbing, you must be willing to wake up from your deep sleep and to pay close attention".... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Thanksgiving is a time when we give thanks for everything we have received..... and let the eating/stuffing begin. If you could crawl inside your body and experience the stress of over-eating and indulging in poor choices, you might think differently. Yes, Thanksgiving is only one day, but it doesn't take much awareness to know that disorderly eating and other addictions have taken a large toll on all of our lives, for under a microscope, few of us are squeeky clean. So, when you sit down on Thursday and give thanks, remember your own body and think about what you can do, not only during the holidays, but as a permanent lifestyle change. How will you give thanks to yourself?

As my gift to the followers of my blog, here is a track from one of my most popular mp3 programs, Emotional Eating. This program is also part of my Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It book/workbook & CD Series.

When I teach or write about the four steps to getting well, everyone is in a hurry to climb them, and why not. Most of us are sick and tired of our problems and we want to be free of them. Many are heavy, interfering with our life as a whole. Others prove to be an annoyance, perhaps a mystery at the same time. How is it that one can be so successful in one part of life, and be such a complete failure at things that appear so simple on the surface?

Have you ever considered that perhaps these things are not as simple as they appear? Disorderly eating and bingeing fall into this group. Addictions are the same. And to make matters even more different, your problem will not be exactly the same as that of someone else. All problems are colored by personal experience, as well as gained expertise at managing different aspects of them. We talk about our problems “as if” they were singular, but indeed, they are not. They all are all multi-faceted and here sits the reason for failure in most of us. We have a tendency to rush into solutions without first studying the facets or assessing our own strengths and weaknesses. We begin our climb far too soon, while we are still asleep. So now you are beginning to awaken. You can see the steps, but you must be patient if you want to climb well and not fall back.

I’m no different from you. I woke up many years ago, and as the days pass, I wake even more. I know what it is to binge. I know what it is to have disorderly eating & to live a life of disorder. I know what it is to feel anxiety and depression. I know what it is to have & live an addiction. I also know what it feels like to be free of all of these and what has to happen on a daily basis to earn this freedom. I also know why I have these problems and I do know that it is not my fault. And while I have no guilt or shame, I do accept that I am totally self-responsible for keeping myself healthy, at optimum health and high performance levels. I like it this way and you will as well.

Disorderly eating, addictions & binge behaviors are pervasive in our country and most other industrialized nations, so we are far from alone in having these issues. We wake up from our preoccupation with these disorders at different times of our lives. I was a long sleeper. As the decades passed, I often thought I was awake, but I wasn’t. Something always seemed to be tripping me, keeping me out of balance. I wanted to feel whole, but the brass ring on the merry go round seemed out of reach. I would wake up with good intentions, but before sunset I would take two steps backward. I remained the optimist; hopeful that I would live long enough to experience what is called optimum health and performance. One day I would be my healthy weight. One day I would be free of anxiety & panic attacks. One day I would sense my pure creativity from morning to night and know that it was mine to keep, but as the years passed, I came to doubt this would ever happen.

I was invited to my very first emotional binge eating experience at the age of 3. My father had died in an automobile accident. It was my birthday. In those years the deceased were waked or viewed from the home, and so I found my father “asleep” in the living room. I still remember everyone screaming to take me away. Whenever I asked “why he didn’t go up to bed”, someone gave me a cookie and sat me in the garden by myself to watch the birds. I don’t know how many cookies I ate that day, but this was my first remembered association of great-tasting cookies with sadness and being alone. There are times when I still can connect with that very early negative food experience.

Once an emotional food pattern is placed, the subconscious mind will look to find more opportunities for releasing stress, often choosing particular foods. These then take on the job as binge trigger foods. As years pass and more stressful situations present themselves, one can understand how very easy it is to become a disorderly or binge eater. As the child becomes become older, other addictions join in. Some children start smoking, drinking and experimenting with drugs in elementary school. In addition, children often follow the habits, behaviors or addictions of the parents. If the parents cannot teach the child to release emotions in a healthy fashion, the child is left with few options for managing their internal stress other than the addiction of choice. The purpose of the addiction is to help the child feel safe and to release the stress.

My addiction of choice was food-related, especially junk and sugar in just about any form. Regular meals held little interest for me. Healthy foods were not my first choice. To make matters worse, the more sugar I ingested, the less healthy foods I would eat. My taste buds were now programmed towards sugar and salt. My mother was busy with the many trials and tribulations of widow-hood and being a single parent in a society that, at that time, did not support this. And so, I became invisible, free to keep my disorderly eating, as long as there was still some cake for my brothers.. As the years moved along, I graduated to caffeine and smoking, then exploring diet pills with my nursing student colleagues. It was normal to skip breakfast, have a liquid diet lunch and then binge at dinner. No one thought anything about it, nor what might be happening inside our bodies and our minds. There was never a thought of a consequence, short or long term. We were totally invincible. As long as there was enough money for donuts and beer, it was a great time, or so I thought then.

My first wake-up call came in my senior year when I fainted in class. I was sent home to recover, but no one knew what I was supposed to be recovering from, not even the family physician. Stress, sugar addiction or disorderly eating was not part of the medical vocabulary.. No one ever questioned my nutritional intake, or if I was taking drugs or smoking. Looking back, I can certainly appreciate my body and mind trying to get my attention, but it would be many decades before that would come to pass. I had no idea that my body was over-producing insulin and building insulin resistance, the precursors to the major killers. I was already on the road to diabetes, heart disease and circulatory disease. I was building tendencies towards other chronic medical conditions and a compulsive personality that would come to plague me for years to come. Yet, I believed I was having a good time.

We meet helping angels along the way. Mine came in the form of my husband-to-be who insisted that I stop smoking. Although resisting every step of the way, I did so, but replaced that release mechanism with more sugar, junk and caffeine. Remember, I had never learned to release my emotions in a healthy way and so my addictions were all I had. My body was busy responding to my lack of nutrition and other negatives that were ingested everyday. The body is like a bank, busy recording and responding to both positives and negatives. In those days there was mainly a negative balance. Keep in mind that we do not sense all of these, some only presenting themselves when it is too late to change. Of course, I wasn’t awake for that gem of knowledge during those years. To quote an old saying, but appropriate nevertheless, I always wonder how different life would have been if I knew then what I know now.

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, President & Program Designer for Sarasota Medical & Sports Hypnosis Institute located in Sarasota, FL & online at She is the author of Sugar....the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It & Beyond Disorderly Eating...The Truth About Sugar, Bingeing & How to Stop. She has also written & produced +350 audio CD's & mp3's. The websites include moderated discussion groups, ezines, library & a host of other educational tools for learning Interactive Self-Hypnosis.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Negative Speak

"It's much easier to study & pick apart someone else, than oneSelf."....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The desire to rehabilitate yourself can be very powerful & it can open doors to areas of creativity that were always there, but simply sleeping. Calls to rehabilitation can come from health concerns or an actual disease diagnosis as in the case of Deanna. Other times it can be a lack of focus, relationship problems, work issues, or a host of other areas. It can also be the final realization that what you are doing isn't working, so something has to change. You may not know what that thing is, perhaps leaving you with a feeling of frustration, despair or even fear. Do know that "something" is a big gift, even though it may be wrapped in that unapplealing or frightening gift wrap.

As the writer & deliverer of the spokenWORDS, it's important for me to remember that everyone in the Workshop came from a different direction, even if their reasons for coming appear to be the same, such as in an addiction. This is why it's so important for me to provide the words, metaphors, images & other mindWORK that will allow each individual to work independently, even though the words may be the same. Right now I'm appreciatingInteractive Self-Hypnosis because it works so well in rehabilitation.

Clarissa speaks out. "I'm overwhelmed with everything in my life & the idea that so many parts of me need to be fixed is causing physical sensations of panic."

Feeling & even being overwhelmed is a common fear that appears in this moment of awakening or pre-awakening. I'm noticing that the Workshop participants are not relaxed into their seats, looking rather like they are waiting for the opportunity to dart out of the room.

It's like each one has a large plate of pasta on their laps, the strands representing the areas of their lives, all tangled around each other. However, with pasta, no one procrastinates for long. One just digs in, usually not stopping until the plate is empty. However, when life is seen as one big plate full, it's not uncommon for the owner to freeze in fear, then to stay frozen in procrastination. It is this dangerous place that you will find a large percentage of our population. It's good to know that it is possible to break this dangerous behavior pattern & we will be doing that here.

Right now I tell the Workshop participants that they are the writers, directors & producers of their individual lives & now it's time to re-write the script.


Relax into your chairs, as if they were gently holding you, like a gentle, warm parent of sorts. Snuggle down.

We all have a tendency to live on automatic pilot programs. Many of these mind programs do not reflect what we truly want, but yet most of us keep doing the same over & over. The Workshop is about breaking out of automatic pilot & then stopping to make an assessment. This is our beginning detective work.

Becoming aware, or breaking out of automatic pilot helps us to break the habit of compulsion, clearing the mind for reviewing, taking us to the area where we can choose what is best. From this position it is easier to motivate yourselves into the needed action plan for success. This can become a tall order, consideering all the areas in life that have need of rehabilitation. So, in order to accomplish this objective, you will need a very detailed program design or gestalt, formulated on living images of what you truly want to experience. You will also need an excellent action plan & most importantly, you will need a very special coach to consistently provide both inner & outer motivation.

Now, where do you find this?

Right here in the Workshop. This program is designed to provide all the tools you need for managing your life & taking it to higher planes. You are already learning these, but you are still at the beginning. Soon you will know how to wake up to small moments, to edit them & plant new directives "right in the moment."

When should you begin?

I suggest with your very next breath. I'd like you to recognize that you are on the merry-go-round of life where you are free to choose your own mindSET, just as if it were a hat sitting on your head. Take off any mindSET hat that isn't working to your benefit. Stay attentive for mindSET hats that keep you in a negative or victim frame of mind. Once you are awake with a new mindSET hat on your head, you are ready to move on to collecting the kinds of tools that you will need for daily work. This work will take you to a healthier you, both physically & emotionally. As you settle into this position, hat in place, you are ready to program your own subconscius mind for what you want. You are ready to go & get these things.

Most of you have been to the beginning goal-choice area of the Life University & perhaps have experimented with different goal facets or choices. Some of you needed help to move bigger blocks that were disallowing you from focusing on possibilities. Now, you are all ready to go back to that area. Always check your mindSET hats before working "forward." It's amazing how small, negative moodHATS can block your ability to see & sense creative possibilities.


There are many ways to foster your own self-rehabilitation. There is ALWAYS room to grow. Remember, we all utilize only a fraction of our possibilities. What would your life be like IF you made the decision, right now, to utilize & to break through old barriers?

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. This is a program for moving through "resistance." I have several "resistance-breaking" programs, but for my writer friends, I'd like to share a track from Overcoming Writer's Block. This is a two-part program... You can order it on my websites.

If you would like my help in choosing the best program for you, please contact me directly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Surviving the Teen Years

"Teen years are times for hormones, growth & change, so it's not uncommon to find many disorderly eaters still locked in the emotions & behaviors found in this area of their memory bank. One doesn't have to look far to find these. As you visit your inner time line, notice if you can recognize any part of your self that has been carried over to your current adult!"... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The workshop I presented last night was quite interesting in this regard. I asked Jennifer to attend because she has been working so diligently with interactive self-hypnosis & automatic journaling to uncover her earlier childhood patterns. I wanted to give her progress a boost by helping her explore some of her teen experiences. As I've come to know more of her childhood drama, I felt fairly certain that she would uncover the source of her rebellious nature in her teen years. This would be very important for her because it is that very rebellion that is getting in her way to better manage her compulsive & emotional eating issues.


I'd like you to relax deeply into the moment. You are all familiar with this exercise, but this time I'd like you to deepen your relaxation a bit further. Close your eyes lightly at the lids & move your eyes to the right..... to the left.....up slightly.....& now down slightly.....& back to the slightly up position. Leave them in this comfortable slightly up position, as you sense magnets pulling you down gently into the chair. Locate your mind screen & place a golden frame around it.

Notice you are in the library of your mind. Your subconscious mind librarian is over there & you are visiting the pre-teen & teen areas of your library shelves. Notice that there are many books & video programs here, all available to you for past-editing & future-pacing. Notice how relaxed you are about working in this particular area.

Now take your teen health book off the library shelf & open to the early teen pages. Begin reviewing your history as in your childhood book. Revisit your body through mental biofeedback. Notice you stay in your adult mature Self while visiting your teen body & mind. Look at the complete you. Without judging, choose to pay close attention to the details of the complete you. If you find this difficult, you might like to encircle the complete you with compassion for your Self. Lots of self-image & self-esteem issues can live here, in fact many originating here. Keep in mind that you are the non-judging, adult-mature visitor who's sole purpose is to nurture & assist this part of yourSelf to heal beliefs or behaviors that are getting in your way.

You might like to open these files & relax into them before editing.. I suggest you take a few moments to re-introduce yourself to the teen Self on the screen. No need to rush.. Remember, it's been a long time since your last visit. Your teen Self has much to share with you & will be willing to do so as long as you are non-judgmental. Indicate that you care deeply about helping & making things better. While you are on a fact-finding mission, if you feel that the time is right, gently point out what your mature-adult Self would like to change & why. Invite your subconscious librarian to gift you with further information. You can work with your automatic writing journal or self-speak your interview.


I can understand that my behaviors could be carried forward, but what about my food choices during those years. Are they responsible in any way for my out of control desire to eat sugar & junk foods?

Whenever we eat something our body responds to it. Food preferences definitely have emotionalized memories attached. Even the way something is prepared can change our inner programming & either desire or dislike. Think about hot dogs at a baseball game, hot chocolate after ice skating, milk shakes at the corner hangout, etc. These memories are not just about the food. In fact, you might not even like those foods anymore or perhaps you didn't like them then, but it was the whole experience.

In stress-eating, we are often trying to get back those feelings & to feel those times again. When doing your assessment work, observe that you can revisit your “memory feelings”. Your memories have chemical codes on them & when you recall a memory, you also recall the chemical code. Later on you will learn about how these codes connect to your perception, & how you can change them to benefit yourself. So, you will be able to dissect the chemical code for the milkshake experience without the calories. As you master interactive self-hypnosis, you can even attach that chemical code to a healthier choice.


Take some time to go over these questions, preferably through automatic writing. Allow you pen just to flow on the page as you get out of your own judgemental way.

What was your perception of yourself when you were a teen? Did it remain the same through your teen years, or was there a change somewhere?
Looking at it from where you stand now, was your perception based on true facts or was it a false image?
What messages or beliefs were fed to you by others?
Were you involved in any addictions such as smoking or drinking?

Notice if there are any meaningful doctor visits or surgery & if so, spend some time relaxing into those files to see if any messages come forward from your subconscious mind. If you are a woman, look at the information concerning your menses. Did you have any difficulties such as PMS or irregular periods?

Now, go to visit the nutritional areas including regular meals, school eating, social eating & family preferences, as well as behaviors at meal times. Spend some time studying the details of the pictures, one by one.

Were you over-weight or did you believe you were?
Were you involved in bingeing or any other compulsive or emotional disorderly eating?
Any secret eating?
What were your favorite foods?
What about beverages? Have a look at sweetened drinks such as soda, also keeping your eyes out for artificial sweeteners.
Did you participate in meal planning or cooking?
Did your family eat together at a table, or did you eat alone or in front of the television?
Were mealtimes happy or stressed?
Did you use food as a stress-releaser?
Were there any rituals around this such as hidden or middle of the night eating?


As you self-explore different areas on your time-line, you will find specific knowledge to take forward into your current & future life. Here's a few of these....

Aside from emotional programming, there is the physiological responses. We get immediate feed-back to foods & beverages that can be positive or negative. Then there is habit building & the related outcomes. If you ate poorly for months at a time, of course the body will have specific outcomes related to that. This is seen clearly in yo-yo weight gain. You may not gain the weight over-night, but you do gain it. There are also other changes besides this that are happening. Chronic diseases do not happen over night. This is another example of long-term outcomes, so important to understand that your daily actions do matter.

This blog is the workshop for thoughtWARE Books. The series includes Help.....My Life is Killing Me - Lifestyle Change Made Easy, Beyond Disorderly Eating & Bingeing, Holistic Weight Loss , Sugar....the Hidden Addiction, Nail Biting & Skin Picking & Small Change - The Power of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. At the present time I am seeking an agent and/or publisher.

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Serious Goal Building. It is Part 1 of a 4 Part Program that is available on my websites.

Monday, November 26, 2007


"We learn best by our willingness to look deeply into the subject at hand & then asking questions about one facet or another. As an answer comes forward, be willing to entertain it, once again looking deeply into it's core, for that is where the magic is located. And then, be open to questioning the answer"...Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Self-hypnosis Audio Programs help to you to program your own mind quickly & effectively. They also give you the opportunity to work with inner-questioning of your own subconscious mind. I'm happy to share some complimentary mp3 downloads with you. Each is a full interactive self-hypnosis session. Current ones include...

Serious Goal Building &
Inner Organization
Goal Achieving with Affirmations


The health of trees depends on the quality of the roots. These are fed & cared for over a period of years, often decades & even centuries. This is a good metaphor for our own mind & body & so the next area we will enter is the Mind & Body Health Goal Garden. This is the biggest garden on the path & rightly so. Health & proper care & consideration for each body department is connected to high level health, performance & goal achievement in all other areas in life. In other words, your health is everything.

What's fascinating to me is how little people know or even think about the many different body departments, unless there is one that is screaming out for some reason. Most people sit back & take the different departments for granted & never considering that a part of the body may be suffering in some way & perhaps getting ready for a break-down. Keep in mind, that break-downs can be very serious, taking one down the path towards becoming a "statistic."

There are only two directions to travel in this life. One goes towards illness & death & the other towards wellness & health. Keep in mind that even when one has a chronic or life-threatening disease, one can go towards the highest level of wellness while still managing that disease. It is your self-responsibility to perform the highest level of care to each body department & in so doing, you will be assisting those departments that are fighting any disease. As long as you are alive & willing to be an active participant in your own life, there is possibility for healing.

Over-arching Goal Umbrella

You already know that it is important to design an over-arching goal for each separate garden on your goal-den path. Keep in mind that the mind & body health garden is the most important garden. It contains plants representing each separate body part, as well as departments or system groups. For example, the stomach is a part of the digestive system. It needs to be cared for as a singular organ BUT it interplays continually with it's SYSTEM buddies including the small & large intestines, the esophagus, gallbladder, etc. The pancreas is a separate part BUT interplays with the gastrointestinal system & it's own endocrine SYSTEM.

It helps to impress on yourself that all body part & system plants are connected by an underground root system. This is a self-hypnotic suggestion & each time you think in this way, a matching thought or image will appear & then etch on your mind screen. Simple images such as this can be very effective in motivating change. Another powerful subconscious mind suggestion is that the stronger support the weaker, so if there is a break-down in any part or system, it is very important to pay extra-ordinary attention & care to ALL parts.

Think logically for a moment. Suppose you are in a weakened condition & NEED help from stronger allies. Would you, or would you not make certain that your allies had everything they needed so they would be able to tend to your needs? The body is no different.

The body parts/systems need high level nutrition that is specifically designed to meet your specific mind & body needs. This includes understanding your family & personal medical history, knowing the size of your lean body mass, while taking into careful consideration your exercise, activity & emotional/physical stress levels. Besides the nutritional component, your body parts & departments also need a powerful stress management program that turns off the production of stress chemicals while producing healing chemicals. You will also benefit from resetting your "normal stress level" & your internal system that announces the arrival of stress that places the body & mind at risk. Truth be known, most of us don't pay attention to body signals alerting us to trouble & so we need to correct that. You will learn to do this with interactive self-hypnosis.


Setting over-arching goals is not difficult once you get the hang of it. I like to pretend that I'm writing a short, but detailed letter to my-SELF, describing how things are going. I may point to some specific goals, but not all of them. The umbrella is like an over-all "flavor." It is always positive & affirming. No negatives or weeds are ever found in this area.

Here's an example of my over-arching goal umbrella goal for my mind & body health garden. I start by labeling the garden & drawing or thinking an active image or mind-video that represents this area. This focus tool or containment helps my subconscious mind to center & to work along with me. I then write a letter to my Self, describing my ideal mind & body state, just as if I already had everything I could possible want. The subconscious mind works backwards. As these word-images are etched deeper & deeper into the mind, the ways for achieving these will be forthcoming. As I re-read my letter to my-SELF each day, the suggestions will further etch & my inner mind will bring forth new suggestions & actions automatically. These will point me in the direction that I have outlined. I will begin to receive, as well as find things in my daily experiences that MATCH or support my goal images. My subconscious mind will also scan my inner files & present supporting files from the past that will also assist me.

Dear Self,

I'm happy to report how well I'm doing with managing my body & also my mind. I now understand how everything is connected. I'm eating correctly for the needs of my body. The little mistakes I had been making have been corrected & now I understand how connected these were to my physical & emotional well-being. You can see from my photo that I am at my ideal body fat percentage & have lots of energy. I have fun each day doing the things I need to do to stay at this high level of health & performance. I'm happy & in charge of my life & outcomes. I love being in charge!! I am the writer, director & producer of my life. I uncover new ways to make things even better. I love being free of medication & having positive thoughts & conversations with myself. My creativity is showing itself more frequently. Everything has come together for me.

Looking underneath the umbrella - Once the umbrella has been designed, it is time to set individual goals. You will also want to, identify emotions & old patterns that may be interfering with what you want. You also have emotions & old patterns that can be helpful. It's rather like cleaning the attic. While you have these things available, you may not be aware, especially of the helpful ones. In fact, you might be seeing everything through a negative lens. If this is so, you will be programming your mind for what you don't want. It's much easier to understand now how heightened awareness & label-pinpointing are KEY to your positive mind programming.


Here are some of my goals in this garden. I suggest that you follow my outline below & utilizing your journal for setting up your individual goals in this very important area.

A. Individual Goals

Improve daily nutritional intake & choices to counter-act boredom.
Remove caffeine completely.
Drink 8+ glasses of water.
Introduce green tea & research it's benefits.
Hypnotically "contain" favorite food choices - once per week.
Remove alcohol completely.
Add more green vegetables to dinner.
Teeth - professional cleaning every 3 months.
Floss after meals.
Exercise 4 times per week - mornings.
Meditate each morning & "bank meditation" during day.
Practice emotional management daily.
Place new affirmations in this area by way of my journal.
Reward myself daily in some small, but meaningful way.

Remember, I'm the writer, director & producer of my life.

Your work...................

B. Positive Emotions & Patterns to Enhance:
These are some positive emotions that I already have in mind-storage that will add great fertilizer to this area.

Hot desire
Release & letting go

Your work...................

C. Beliefs to Enhance
Here are a few beliefs to plant here. These are affirmations that I already have in mind-storage. When planting affirmations, relax deeply into the moment, tilt your eyes up gently, see & sense an emotionalized image that matches the words.

I'm the writer, director & producer of my life.
Moments count & add up !
I'm in charge.
I am.

Your work...................

In the next blog/workshop I'll be addressing negative emotions & patterns that need diminishing in this particular area of my life. It is tremendously beneficial to get to know your dark side & the emotions you tend to go towards. Remember that you can only change what you can see.


Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Serious Goal Building. It is Part 1 of a 4 Part Program that is available on my websites.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nutrition - The Early Years

"The number of individuals with disorderly eating issues is staggering. While there are statistics for anorexia & bulimia, there are none for the myraid of eating disorder patterns that lead to adult onset diabetes & other killer diseases, as well as to addictions.

And while it's not just about food or beverage consumption, it is much easier to locate the disorderly eating patterns that connect to addictions, be it smoking, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar or high carbohydrate intake. My years of research show that many of these originated in childhood & so this is where they need to be addressed"....
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

I'm currently working with Jennifer who has a stress-related compulsive & emotional eating disorder that is interfering with her current health & emotional well-being. She is also a secret eater & has hidden her involvement with these behaviors since she was a child. So besides her health issues, this is also playing havoc with her self-image & self-esteem.

Earlier on, Jennifer came to understand that in order for her to change her many destructive patterns, it was best for her to return to her childhood source.......traveling as a mature adult with the express desire to understand & then to gift healing & power to her child-Self. She went prepared with a list of questions for her subconscious mind...

Here's Jennifers first experience with this type of self-exploration...

In the past my mind was always too busy to focus in this way. I've always felt obstructed by my guilt & shame, especially around my food issues. Just knowing how to stay in my mature adult position was empowering & rewarding to me. I loved the way that felt. As I sat quietly & watched the pictures of my younger self on my mind screen, I could feel compassion, not only for myself, but for the situation in general. I was so little & had no power over what was going on. My father had died when I was three, leaving my mother to raise my two brothers & myself. The household was happy on the surface, but it appeared as if we were play-acting. My mother worked & when at home she was very busy. This was when my bingeing & secret eating began. No one really paid attention to what I was doing & so I had my own secret life that served as a haven for my lonliness & powerlessness. I can appreciate that I needed that then, but I realize that I don't need it anymore. I also understand that I can edit those early memories & bring closure to some of the pain my child suffered, simply by self-mothering her. I look forward to doing this.

Just like a puzzle has many pieces, emotional & compulsive eating behaviors have many facets that need to be addressed by relaxing deeply & then asking the right questions. Self-hypnosis allows us to do this while staying in our mature, adult Self position. This is called detachment. While some individuals prefer to do this exploration with a therapist, especially if there is deep abuse, the majority of us can do this level of inner work quite easily & with no negative repercussions. In fact, for most the results are just the opposite, just as in the case of Jennifer who felt empowered in situations that she had uncomfortably repressed for so long.


I'd like you to open your subconscious mind book to the nutritional area. This is where all of your early eating behaviors are noted. For those of you who are reading, you might like to read this paragraph first & then go deeper down into relaxation before inner exploring with Jennifer. Notice if you were breast- fed or bottle fed. Once you were weaned look at the following areas in ascending years of your life. Notice your family at dinner & the kinds of foods you were offered. See this as a toddler, & then early childhood to middle & late childhood. If nothing comes forward simply relax deeper into the picture. You may get the answers now, or later, but they will come. When we bring a picture up on our mind screen & then relax into it, the subconscious mind will add more detail. You may be surprised at what is served to you!

Also look to notice the ongoing attitudes during meal times.
Were they quiet or noisy?
Was the atmosphere friendly, loving or stress-filled? What else can you see or intuit here?
What were your favorite meal- time foods?
Can you taste them now?
How about snacks?
Were there lots of starches & sugars?
Were snacks controlled or did you have the open cupboard policy?
What sorts of beverages were offered?
Be sure to visit many different years in your life to get a good over-view.

If there were major stress events such as divorce, illness, deaths, view these separately. This will give you good insight as to how your family handled food in relation to stress. You might see where some of your early stressful eating was born. Once this is clear, you can edit these subconscious programs later on with interactive self-hypnosis.

If you were the Producer/Director of any of these memories or mind- scenes you are exploring, is there anything you would change? How would you edit it? Be very specific. Mind-editing is a positive experience. Even through you remember something happening in a particular way, remember this only a perception & therefore it can be changed.

Even if you are quite sure that it happened in the way you remember, you mind files will still benefit from editing. The reason for this is that memory files are coded with chemical emotion & if the chemical emotions do not work in your behalf, mind-editing gives you the opportunity to change this coding. What a great gift to yourself!

Practice with one memory. Just as if you were looking a page in your file that holds this memory, go ahead & re-write it. Perhaps you will diminish some of the emotions, or see your baby as very strong….. super baby! Even though you are planting fiction, & in this instance very humorous fiction, the subconscious mind will love it & the re-editing will be successful. This particular memory now has a healthier emotional code.


I'd like to give myself some new memories, especially when I was about seven. For some reason my disorderly eating accelerated in those years. While I'd like to find out more about that, right now I'd like to gift that particular child.

Jennifer can relax deeply into the moment & return to her mature, adult self. On the mind screen she can bring forth her seven year old child & image her opening presents chosen to heal & empower the child in some way. I'm going to suggest that Jennifer give her pictures of her mature, adult self, letting the child know that "everything turned out just right." Perhaps another gift could be an audio tape of soothing affirmations in the voice of her mature, adult self. Notice the child relaxing & practicing healthy eating behaviors. Remember, the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real & what is made up.

This blog is the workshop for thoughtWARE Books. The series includes Help.....My Life is Killing Me - Lifestyle Change Made Easy, Beyond Disorderly Eating & Bingeing, Holistic Weight Loss , Sugar....the Hidden Addiction, Nail Biting & Skin Picking & Small Change - The Power of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. At the present time I am seeking an agent and/or publisher.


There are many mp3/CD programs to help you organize & activate your life. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to "tweak" your own mind & to move forward at faster speeds.

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Inviting Change. This is one full session from a 3 part program that is available on my websites. If you would like me to help you choose a program to meet your specific needs, please write to me.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Subconscious Mind Assistants

Automatic programming is continually taking place, & so we need to call on "inner mind assistants" to help us through this very important work... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Help.....My Life is Killing Me! is a practical how to book focused on healing & managing the huge number of out of control lives that are rapidly going towards chronic & killer diseases, as well as emotional breakdown. Follow along as I write this book, based on my decades of work with patients, employees, employers, as well as clients in my office & workshops....


Here we are working with specific mind images for inner organization, emotional & thought management. Relax into the moment....taking your time to do so. Remember you don't have to be in deep trance to work hypnotically, but the more relaxed you are the better, especially in the beginning. As you practice more & more, it will be easier to enter the subconscious mind quickly. Competitive athletes are good examples of individuals who do this all the time. It's called the "mind game."

After reading this, I'd like you to close your eyes gently, tilting them up about 20 degrees. There is your mind screen. And now, I'd like you to develop an image of your subconscious mind librarian or inner assistant. Both are great images & work very well here in the thoughtWARE workshop, as well as in active life. This assistant will be your first line of command in asking for what you want & need in any given moment.


Thoughts, mind pictures & inner radio that play continually form directives or orders in your conscious mind. In hypnosis these are called suggestions. Some of these are useful to you & others are not. Some are related to current work & others are not. Your inner assistant will help to keep inner order based on your specific requests. Keep in mind that your subconscious filing cabinet is huge. Besides your automatic programs, you have an unlimited number of choices that may be better suited to meeting your needs in any particular situation. Your assistant can bring these to your attention if you give directives for that. In your work here, you will learn how to wake up, assess what’s playing & make a program switch if appropriate.

As you learn your way around your “inner filing cabinet & subconscious library” you will find many different kinds of files that can be utilized to meet your needs. Here among other things you will find past experience files, as well as future files that haven't even happened yet. With a little practice will be able to see how these connect with your belief systems & effect current daily health patterns.

Once again, you may find some to be helpful, but others may actually be blocking current goals. This holds true for past experiences or beliefs, as well as those you may have already placed in future files. This is called future pacing & can work for you or against you. Later on in the thoughtWARE Workshop, you will find an entire chapter dedicated to working with your past & future time-line.

The subconscious mind library is vast & filled with tremendous resources, ready for you to access when you know how to do so. As you are well aware, everything is not positive, but do know that everything is useful. Interactive self-hypnosis will help you to disassociate & to enter your editing mind-set. You are now ready to become the writer, director & producer of your life. As you become better & better at becoming aware, locating areas for re-programming & having your desires designed in the special image & emotional format that is clearly understood by your subconscious mind, you are ready to change course, right in the moment.


I invite you to look over my shoulder, as I help workshop participants & clients in my office. This will give you an opportunity to see the above learning in action.

John: I think I understand what is past & what is not. I'm quite clear about what I don't want. Why doesn’t my subconscious mind know the difference & respect this?

Remember the earlier Workshop entries on Brain Cloud? John doesn't seem to be aware of his responsibility in forming his Brain Cloud from the images he plays in his mind. He is also not aware of the personal power he has in respect to what he is currently experiencing in his life.

The subconscious mind does not judge & simply takes the most current mind pictures as the goal.. Like radar, it attracts like experiences from the outside world & also from the subconscious mind library. This is goal reinforcement. The more frequently you play a particular mind program, whether you want it or not, the stronger the mind etching. This is how habits & fully-designed negative mind programs are constructed.

Let's go ahead & design an automatic mind program that will pre-instruct your subconscious mind to diminish a negative thought & replace it with a positive- goal-orientated program. This will all be orchestrated under the direction of your Inner Assistant or Coach.

Relax deeply into the moment....take your time. Locate your mind screen & place an image of something you don't want on the screen. Now dim it, just as if you turned the lights off. You can also diminish it........shrink it way back until it completely disappears. The mind screen is clear now, waiting for an active image of what you do want. Make it truly great & infuse it with positive excitement & expectation. Notice your "inner assistant" is making notes about this re-programming. Ask your "assistant" to find any & all similar programs & do the same.

John's mind programs are quite negative & have come to readily infect other areas of his life. A good example is his problem with boredom. He was actually surprised to identify this negative mind-state , because his job has some exciting aspects. But not all aspects were exciting. There is no job that I know about that is completely free of drudgery. As John investigated his work-related-boredom on his mind-screen, from the position of an "interested observer", he admitted through a veil of shame that he was also bored with fathering, being a husband, a neighbor & even sometimes being a friend. He feels so bad that in his own words, he feels like running away.

John needs to work within these images....diminishing what he doesn't want & editing-in what he prefers, even though these things are not happening right now. Remember, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination & reality & so it will take the new "emotionalized images" & develop an action plan for bringing them to John's reality. John will also ask his "inner assistants" to keep him aware of old behaviors & patterns, so he can bring them to his mind-screen & then edit them.


There are many mp3/CD programs to help you organize & activate your life. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to "tweak" your own mind & to move forward at faster speeds.

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Inviting Change. This is one full session from a 3 part program that is available on my websites. If you would like me to help you choose a program to meet your specific needs, please write to me.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Preparing for Change

"We all want everything yesterday, but champions are not made like that. Every moment in a championship performance contains thousands of knowledge-gathering & practice moments. It's the same for lifestyle change & self-rehabilitation. Short-cuts simply don't make a champion".... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

What is it about not wanting to do the work necessary to achieve? Yesterday I met Jane, a 30-something professional with a rather serious alcohol problem. It didn't take long for her to get into denial, despite the fact she sought my help. While this may sound incongruous, it's quite common. The belief goes something like this.... "If I seek help & it doesn't work, then at least I tried." This is a door-knob or escape technique, taking the individual back to addiction "jail."

It's seems so much easier to stick one's head in the sand & ignore reality. Yes, it does take work to change lifestyle behaviors & to break old patterns that take one down roads that are potentially dangerous. My take on this, is "either you do or you don't & no matter what you do or don't do, you will be getting outcomes.

The severity of the outcomes will depend on where you've been, where you are & where you have chosen to go. For Jane, the outcomes are going to be quite severe unless she chooses to awaken. For some reason, younger adults seem to think they can wait to employ change. This is a very dangerous belief & sets the stage for all kinds of trouble. For Jane, this could mean severe damage to many different organs in her body. Jane's reaction to this was "it's just wine." Just another attempt to deny & grab the door-knob.


For Jane, this is about much more than putting down the bottle. Careful observation told me that her wine drinking was connected to a low self-esteem, self-image & lack of maturity. She was totally disconnected to her authentic self, therefore not allowing her to manage incoming stress in a healthy fashion. Work with Jane is going to involve rescue & rehabilitation of her true Self.....not a journey for weaklings.

The basic tool Jane & I will utilize is called Interactive Heightened Awareness. It involves becoming very aware of specific behaviors & the emotions that are coloring them. Jane cannot change what she isn't willing to see, or what she can't see at all. Many of her behaviors & emotional reactions are very ingrained, although she may know them as part of her personality or "just the way she is". These behaviors may or may not be perfectly fine. Rule of thumb.....if they are interfering with quality of life experience & health, they need to go or to be changed.

Most of us are bogged down with behaviors & emotions that work against us. Some are hidden & some we hide from because it just seems easier to do that. You don't have to look far to know how true this is. It's easier to see this in others, so try to notice what you criticize in others. More than likely this is your own short-fall.


Take a moment to deeply relax & just as if you were looking in a big filing cabinet, find the folder that contains your current lifestyle patterns. As your mind scans the material, notice that some appear familiar, but others may not be quite so clear. While you think you know yourself & how you spend your time, you are about to find out that you know less about yourself than you thought. That is because a good part of your day is spent in a very limited conscious state known as low-level awareness, or automatic pilot I call this is day-sleep walking, a form of automatic self-hypnosis.

It is difficult to honestly see oneself & even more difficult when one doesn't know what to look for when looking in the self-disclosure-mirror. This is where the power of personal assessment comes to help & guide you.

Let's practice some self-exploration. You already know that most of your mind programs are automatic & well-woven into the fabric of your life. The subconscious mind is available to help you wake up, but you are going to need to know how to communicate very specifically concerning what you truly want & for this you will need special data collection. Once you have the information or data, then you will be free to examine it carefully without judgment & then to decide if you would like to change or mind-edit this information before returning it to your subconscious mind library.

Even though you may think that you know everything you need to know to make changes in your lifestyle behaviors, most likely you do not. Like the octopus, the head of the behavior may be above water, but the tentacles or roots of the behavior are below the surface. We sense these as blocks, resistance or procrastination. We want to change & know what needs to change, or so we think & then we simply can't move, just as if our feet were sitting in tar or cement.

So you will be needing additional information that may not be in your current memory bank, but waiting for you in your subconscious mind library & you will have to ask directly for this information. Some of these things will pertain to your family of origin, as well as from your own health, emotional & behavioral history starting from the time you were an infant & up through this very moment.

You will also be reclaiming memory files about your beliefs, how you got them & whether or not they are blocking your current progress. Beliefs are like coats, many of which were placed on you when you were a child or perhaps unaware as an adult. Some may have been forced on you by someone who appeared stronger than you in that moment. But that was then & now is now. You are taking back your personal power & ownership of only the beliefs you choose to wear at this moment in time.

You will be guiding yourself with images of what you do want. That is why we must spend time in thinking about this. It's important to review your life & notice the areas, both big & small that do not reflect what you want & also to notice areas that do reflect those positive aspects. They need to be divided, just as if you were cleaning & clearing your home. When you have accomplished this, you can enter any area of your Inner Library & start inner exploring. The lights will go on & it will easier to see in the corners of your belief closet & the past experiences that are connected to these.

When your Inner Librarian or Coach spots something that may be of interest for a self-review, you will find yourself receiving the message. This is rather like having a wonderful personal assistant who is completely attuned with you.

The library of your mind is vast. You began collecting subconscious experiences & corresponding belief coats in the beginning of your life, even though you cannot consciously remember these. All coats & experiences, old or new, big or small can hold important information & keys to your success, as well as reasons for past failures. You may have a desire or tendency to rush through this kind of self-detective work. Perhaps you even recognize this as a past behavioral trait of yours. This is a good example of Heightened Awareness. You may have uncovered an unhealthy source that leads to procrastinating or self-blocking. When you spot these tendencies, pretend that they are colored child-blocks, labeled with their name. Place them in a pile over there.

While it's just fine to read through the thoughtWARE Book material to become familiar, don't fall into the trap of hurrying & not doing the detailed detective work. You will be cheating yourself & taking away from the quality of what you are capable of doing, perhaps even taking you down past roads of failure.

There is no easy road when looking to achieve high level health & optimum performance. If it were, more people would be experiencing it. thoughtWARE Books offer you the opportunity to see & address your short & long falls, as well as your potential. As you build your commitment to this self-development work, you probably will want to review this area more than once so as to build on the already presented memories.

You probably know plenty of people who want to change something, but simply can’t figure out how or when to get started. Somehow it never seems to be the right time. Excuses abound that keep them engaged in procrastination. Perhaps you have had this personal experience & are wondering right in this moment if you can do this. This is another colored child-block called "doubt". It usually accompanies "lack of self-confidence."

Do know that this time it will be different than before, because I’m going to help you get started & find your balance. In fact, you are already in the process because you are reading this workshop blog. It’s said that when a rubber band is stretched, it never returns to it’s original position, & so with reading material such as this. The actual process of reading engages your right brain, or subconscious mind & so inner motivators are already etching. Notice if you can sense them.

Throughout this inner detective work you will be activating the different areas with a light application of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Managing health issues, addictions or getting to the heart of any problem involves the act of beginning. You must commit & step onto the merry-go-round of life. Life does not stand & still & wait for you. So reach out & grab on to the golden ring.


There are many mp3/CD programs to help you organize & activate your life. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to "tweak" your own mind & to move forward at faster speeds.

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Inviting Change. This is one full session from a 3 part program that is available on my websites.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Creative Body Connection

"No matter what it is you that want to change, be it physical, emotional or outside goal-related, you need to know where you are "currently" in relation to your body. In creative constructive hypnosis we come to understand the power of the physical body, it's emotional energy & how it can be transmuted, not only to heal, but to completely transform a seemingly unrelated goal".....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Help.....My Life is Killing Me! is a practical how to book focused on healing & managing out of control lives that are rapidly going towards chronic & killer diseases, as well as emotional breakdown. Follow along as I write this book, based on my decades of work with patients, employees, employers, as well as clients in my office & workshops....

Today I'm working with Jennifer who has been a compulsive & emotional eater since childhood. Because of this, her self-esteem is low, disallowing her to even imagine her life-goals. As far as Jennifer is concerned, her life is all about trying to manage her compulsions.

In addition, Jennifer is totally out of touch with her body sensations. I ask her about her hunger levels & she tells me that she never feels hungry....eating just out of habit or in response to some emotion. When I enquire about the emotions, she simply tells me she is stressed-out. This lack of definition smacks of blocking or denial.

Jennifer's problems could also stem from a lack of knowledge & so my job will be to design some specific imagery to help her identify her patterns & emotions without feeling judged by me or by herself. This type of imagery cuts down on the time Jennifer will have to spend in therapy. If she were reading the book I'm writing, more than likely she would be able to help herself at this juncture because of the type of explanation & exercises I'll be presenting.


Jennifer, the skills you will be building here include mental biofeedback, body scanning & of course the major tools for inner exploration, that of interactive self-hypnosis. Later on you will be reading more about these tools in their specific chapters, but for now you can work at the level where you are currently.


Starting at the top of your head slowly scan down your body, just as if you had one of those airport hand scanners. You might inwardly view your head as one unit, simply noticing your eyes, nose, ears, skin, mouth & certainly your teeth & gums. Going further down mentally visit your neck, go inward to your voice box & down into your lungs both right & left. Your only work is to mentally notice these areas & simply observe that they are there.

Mentally locate your esophagus, the long tube that travels to your stomach, enter that area & include your gallbladder, liver, pancreas & down into your intestinal tracts to your rectum. If you don’t know where some of these parts reside in your body, it’s a good idea to find out. This is quite easy to do in the local library or online.

Take some time to renew your friendship with your heart & circulatory system, as well as your reproductive, skeletal, urinary, endocrine systems & total skin areas.

Just as you would review a used car before purchasing, be honest in your self-appraisal. This honesty will re-pay you handsome dividends in the future. Make some notes on your current physical status. You will be setting goals in all these areas later on, but if your subconscious mind has something to say right now, do pay attention. Make some notes about what your body has to communicate to you, right now in this moment in time.

Jennifer, now I'd like you to locate your mind-screen & to place an image of you looking very healthy & relaxed. Pay attention to the details. How are you standing or sitting? Look at the position your arms & legs. Focus on your eyes & facial structure. All relaxed & healthy. Now place a gold frame around this image. You are now placing a new mind program into your subconscious mind. This image will instruct your mind to take you towards this body & mind state.

Eating disorders, faulty nutrition & sugar addiction in particular cause quite a bit of food stress in both the mind & body. You may have already received messages from particular body departments. Some common ones include gastrointestinal ailments, headaches, fatigue, etc.

But other areas also carry the burden of food stress. As you renew your communication with them through Interactive Self-Hypnosis, you will be able to spot where your food stress areas are located.

You will be working with mental biofeedback & body scanning throughout this entire program. Each day you will be spotting & releasing tension areas both consciously & subconsciously. Don't be surprised if someone tells you how relaxed you appear to be, even if you haven't noticed anything in particular yourself.


I've never thought about my body in this way. I only pay attention to body sensations when they scream at me....mostly pain or tightness in my neck & shoulders. It never occurred to me that the way I eat, or don't eat, could effect the way my body feels. Of course, I understand indigestion, but that is directly related to my intake. As I scanned my body I could feel tension in just about every area. In a way this frightened me. Why couldn't I feel this before? Am I so lost in my automatic pilot programs that my body can't get my attention? That is certainly something I want to change.

The body scan has opened Jennifer's eyes to some very important areas that do need to be changed. The more she practices this, the more stress she will be able to release. After awhile, her mind & body connection will do this automatically, resulting in a higher level of energy.

Release is a powerful tool, leaving energy that can be applied to other life goals. It is a major key to high level health & achievement & one that few people utilize.

This blog is the workshop for thoughtWARE Books. The series includes Help.....My Life is Killing Me - Lifestyle Change Made Easy, Beyond Disorderly Eating & Bingeing, Holistic Weight Loss , Sugar....the Hidden Addiction, Nail Biting & Skin Picking & Small Change - The Power of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. At the present time I am seeking an agent and/or publisher.

There are many mp3/CD programs to help you organize & activate your life. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to "tweak" your own mind & to move forward at faster speeds. We tend to utilize less than 2% of our potential, so why not delve into your "inner bank account?"

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Affirmations for Inner Winning. This is one full self-hypnosis session from a CD/mp3 that includes 3 separate sessions. You can order this at my website.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life Issues & Leaving the Pram

"You don't have to look far to notice what a stressed out lives we lead. No wonder we prefer to hide out in some addiction or to just stay in the pram with our beads".... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Solving problems means being willing to have a good look & then to make changes. So where does all this stress originate? Some believe it is all about work. Others stick the blame on relationships or financial matters. For others, all would be well if the kids grew up & left home. All of these beliefs are correct, simply because they are believed, but they aren't the whole answer. Stress is accumulated throughout the day, even on a good day. It travels along with us, reaching out & touching every part of life & experience, attaching to every relationship & desired goal. A close look finds it connected to addictions, child & spousal abuse & a whole lot more. And yes, .....did I can kill you.

If this is the case, then is there any hope for a decent quality of life & survival even if stress is high? Yes indeed, for well managed stress is connected to enhanced health, self-image, self-esteem, healthy relationships, prosperity, creativity & all of the good things of life. Now who wouldn't want that?


Every client who visits my office or who attends a workshop wants to be saved from something. This is what I heard over & over again. "Oh what I wouldn't give for a fresh start!" Well, the good news is that fresh starts are available to us in each & every moment. While most of us don't need quite so many, they are there if we need them & there is no reason, whatsoever, not to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities.

In the practice of Interactive Self-Hypnosis we work with planting new beliefs, as well as active imagery that programs the subconscious mind for change. While some of this work appears simple on the surface, it is anything but that. I explain it to my clients like this. Suppose you were driving a car & saw something in the middle of the road. If you just move the steering wheel a half turn to the right, you won't hit it. If you don't turn the wheel, you will hit it. So is the half turn a small thing?

Here are some simple, but powerful new beliefs that help to change directions & outcomes. When practicing with simple affirmations such as these, relax deeply & see them on your mind screen.

I am always free to choose to stop doing what I am doing.

I am always free to choose to break old habits & patterns.

I am always free to chose to change anything & everything.

I am the writer, the producer & the director of my life.


If you truly want to manage stress at high levels & get the good things of life, you have to not only be willing to work at it, but you truly need to want it........that's called "hot desire."

Let's explore this a bit. Since all we have to do is to have the desire & then to act on our desire, why do many of us tend to ignore this gigantic opportunity? Why don't we turn the wheel of the care?

Take just a moment & let that question settle in your own subconscious mind. When you are ready, I'll give you some additional insights, but please don't rush your own personal work. As you begin to work with your own inner self, you will find that more answers coming to your own mind that will be very specific for you.

Here are some things I've noticed. Perhaps you have noticed them as well.

Most of us have excuses living on our tongues & for those of us who are tired of the excuse-life, it is often difficult to decide what to do instead of what we are doing & then how to actually begin.

We think about starting tomorrow, but tomorrow comes & goes & we find ourselves in the same old place.

We might wake up with good intentions, but then "life interrupts us" & despite our intentions, we fall back into old emotional patterns, beliefs, activities, choices, as if these were the only place to go.

Before we know it, we are at the end of the day & still "window shopping" in our mind, desiring things that we simply cannot grasp or for some reason , cannot hold on to for long, if at all.

And so, we tend to live in the land of good intentions & excuses, spending incredible energy on defending ourselves, our positions of inactivity or perceived failure & blaming others for stepping on our toes & our dreams. Most of this constitutes garbage.

Basically, we are all the same. We all have histories & baggage, desires & dreams. If you read or work with my programs, you will be doing many things differently from now on. Some of those things will be obvious & other's not so obvious. You will be consciously aware of some changes, but other changes will simply happen, as if they had a life of their own. You will find yourself replacing old emotional patterns, beliefs, activities & choices. Much of this will be effortless. You will no longer just window shop in life. You will actively choose what you want & act in accordance to make it yours.

I ask you to work with a Journal & a 3 ring binder. You can certainly download this blog or other areas on my websites that are designed for my clients & students. Remember all of my material is copyrighted & so you cannot reproduce it, but certainly you can copy this for you own benefit. Go through each part & highlight areas that speak out to you.

I'll be showing you how to work with these parts through a self-hypnotic tool called automatic writing. This will allow you to explore areas that interest you with your own subconscious mind inner coach. I'll also be providing you with self-development work based on different chapters of my books & also be suggesting CD/Audio programs that can assist you in working quicker & at higher levels, should you choose to do that.

I'll often introduce you to clients of mine & invite you to look over my shoulder as we work together to turn the wheel of the car.


I'm 38 years old & work in television production with a major network. I am over-weight & completely stressed out. I bite my nails & pull at my hair when I'm nervous. I've tried artificial nails, but I pick those off as well & so I spend quite a bit of energy hiding my hands as they are a true embarrassment to me, especially in my profession. Why can't I stop this? I know that I drink too much coffee, have a terrible diet & on weekends I find myself drinking too much.

I've thought about this & think it is because I'm trying to fit in all of my fun & relaxation on the weekend. I do feel entitled to this because I don't have a minute to myself during the week. I am married & have two school-age children who are already over-extended in activities, making my life even worse because of time constraints, but what's a Mom to do?

Here is the frightening part. I truly don't feel well physically. I'm fatigued just about all the time & have frequent headaches. I truly do not remember the last time I felt well. I had a medical check-up & the doctor told me that I am fine. I am not fine & not even near to fine. This frightens me even more than having a diagnosis of something. Is that strange or what? I went to counseling & found it useless because, despite everything, I'm a fairly happy & successful person. I have a good marriage & two great children. I'm just not well.

I don't know how to start or where to start. I'm like a "messy desk" that I don't seem to have time to straighten out because people, including myself, keep putting more things on it. I'm truly frightened that I will die from all of this stress & yet I can't seem to motivate myself out of this. My doctor offered me medications & I turned them down. I truly don't think that they will solve any of this. I see this as something I absolutely must do myself. I have many other aspects of myself to share, but don't know what it is that you need to know from me. Just know that I'm ready.


As I look at Donna, it seems to me that her body is burning out from not getting what it needs. I'm impressed that despite being so busy & fatigued at the same time, she is willing to go right ahead with this work. This says MUCH about her & tells me that SHE WILL experience success, if her desire is "gut-felt" which I believe it is. Sometimes we need to truly get sick & tired before we are willing to become seriously involved with our own rehabilitation & self-growth.

This is usually my first important assessment factor when meeting a new patient/client in my office. I want to see & sense the desire. I want to sense if they want me to do the work OR if they are wanting to do the work themselves. In my experience, those who have HOT desire & truly want to do their own work, despite any & all obstacles, will be huge winners.

Those that are not willing usually have very different outcomes. So it is important for everyone working with me, assess themselves in their desire & in their willingness to do their own work & to do so consistently. This is not a magic fix, but true self-development work. It is like training for an Olympic Medal, only this is for winning your life back & keeping yourself out of trouble medically & emotionally.


There are many mp3/CD programs to help you organize & activate your life. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to "tweak" your own mind & to move forward at faster speeds. We tend to utilize less than 2% of our potential, so why not delve into your "inner bank account?"

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Affirmations for Inner Winning. This is one full self-hypnosis session from a CD/mp3 that includes 3 separate sessions. You can order this at my website.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Truth Telling Time

"Living in disorder or addiction is like existing in a room without air or light. It's time to change things"...
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The workshop is crowded despite the heavy, early fall rains. I'm always surprised at how motivated people can be at this level. I know it's because they secretly hope the answers they seek will be found within a different set of walls. As I look around the room it is obvious who has a weight issue, but there are others here as well......most likely compulsive or emotional eaters, probably wondering if there will ever be any answer for them as their lives have been crazy from the very beginning.

I take a centering breath & look forward to telling the truth...

The knowledge you will receive here tonight will help you to understand why you couldn't lose weight or manage your compulsions in the past. It will assist you to healthy weight management & high level health from now on forward...

It doesn't matter how many times you have failed in the past or how bad things seem on the surface...

You hold the power to succeed if you are willing to apply this knowledge consistently...

You hold the power to manage your emotions if you choose to do so...

Your motivation will increase as you offer hot desire images to your own subconscious mind...

As you practice these things on a daily basis all facets of your life can change. Everything & anything is possible...


Most of us live in the state of self-imposed hypnosis or auto-pilot. Thoughts speed through the mind programming the moments, taking us towards goals that we might not even want. Beliefs are etched & then re-etched. Some are helpful, but others are not, the latter acting as negative reinforcers.

My workshop group is only vaguely familiar with what I'm sharing with them. I decide to take them to the alpha state where it will be easier to clean out old programs & then plant new learning. It's easy to deeply relax, especially when someone else is directing the action. This is accomplished through the sound of my voice & specialized images. It feels good & everyone follows easily.

Enjoy a deep yawn breath through the bottom of your feet.... inviting it to travel slowly through your need to hurry or rush.....& when the breath finds the inside of your mouth....hold it there for the count of four..... & when four arrives allow the breath to exit through the valves on the ends of your fingers.......deflating just like a balloon at the end of a party. And now.....let's draw some circles around parts of your body......any color you like.......& as you do this, the body cells will float apart from each little islands making more space for beautiful blue water to surround them. Circle around your head.......neck.....shoulders right & left.....connected arms......leaving good space for your fingers to wiggle.......& now your chest.....lower abdomen......legs right & for your toes ..... upper back....lower back.

Now place a large golden egg shape around you.....relax into this.....knowing this is your private place on the face of the earth. Tilt your eyes up about twenty degrees......locate your mind-screen..... ready now to clean & clear your mind.

The group begins sharing the things they are cleaning. I've heard them all before, but they are flavored differently because the owners are different. Secret eating behaviors, places to binge, lack of self-care, signs of depression, anxiety, fear of much failure.. bad relationships, abuse from others, abuse from Self. Uncomfortable memories, some originating in childhood, others a part of more recent experiences. Plenty of pain, both physical & emotional. out. A good time for some light regression. Notice that magnets are pulling you deeper into the chair........only as deep as you like.....sense & enjoy the deepness. Attention to your mind screen. Noticing that you can go back in time.....take it by decades.......nothing major....just some weeds to pull & areas to clean & clear.

Now we have available space to program new changes. Most participants need a new or full discipline for managing lifestyle behaviors. I will include the food related areas including choice of foods & beverages, planning, preparing, timing of meals & portion sizes. The exercise area is over there, next to the stress release area. Motivators are abundant....some positive & some negative. Both work well. Participants can choose what their subconscious mind seems to prefer.

There is the "knowledge center" where I'll mentor hypnotically on why it is necessary to pay attention to all of these details. Here they will learn about reactive hypoglycemia & hyperinsulinemia.... big words that tell of the dangers of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, obesity & other chronic diseases. I'll introduce them to the chronic disease area that includes GERD, irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis & a host of others.

Hypnosis gives us the opportunity to travel far in a short amount of time, clearing the mind of debris & programming for what we want. After the break we'll go into the discipline center, try some experiences on for size & then meet up with our "emotional-child-self."


There are many mp3/CD programs to help you organize & activate your life. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to "tweak" your own mind & to move forward at faster speeds. We tend to utilize less than 2% of our potential, so why not delve into your "inner bank account?"

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Affirmations & Imagery for Decision Making. This is one full self-hypnosis session from a CD/mp3 that includes 3 separate sessions. You can order it at any of my websites.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thoughts & Other Connects

"Whether you realize it or not, you are always working on something in your life. Your thoughts & emotions color those experiences in the intensity they are applied & then act as radar….bringing more of the same in your direction, often increasing the original intensity level. So it is vital to stay aware & in control of your emotions, thoughts & attitudes, as well as the outcomes you prefer. If not, you are sure to receive whatever your mind & emotions dictate"... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Suggested Books, CD's & mp3's

Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It
The Authentic Self
Enhancing Creativity

This blog is the workshop for thoughtWARE Books. The series includes Help.....My Life is Killing Me - Lifestyle Change Made Easy, Beyond Disorderly Eating & Bingeing, Holistic Weight Loss , Sugar....the Hidden Eating Disorder, Nail Biting & Skin Picking & Small Change - The Power of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. At the present time I am seeking an agent and/or publisher.


I just finished a workshop on sugar addiction & disorderly eating & while I've been writing about this for many years, working with group hypnosis is always fascinating because of the subconscious mind multiplication effect that comes about when one mind encounters the others in a creative environment, especially when those people are addicted as this group was.

It's very exciting to work with people who have disorderly eating issues. They tend to be very different than those with eating disorders, such as anorexia & bulimia. Disorderly eaters & sugar addicts tend to fall through the cracks of researchers, especially when the individual is not obese. Physicans rarely check on the nutritional state of slender people or those who appear to be at normal weight. Even if the patient is over-weight or obese, the medical & emotional history taken by the physician is usually lacking.

Interest mounts when the killer diseases such as diabetes, heart disease & circulatory diseases are diagnosed. The opportunity to prevent the onset of these diseases & many more chronic diseases is sadly missed. Think about how much personal anguish could have been allievated if the disorderly eater or sugar addict truly understood where their momentary actions were heading & how they could be curtailed by managing their thoughts & emotions.

It's not that we don't know how many disorderly eaters abound. The statistics of disease tell us quite loudly. For example, 15.7 million Americans have diabetes. 5.4 million of these are not aware that they have the disease. About 798,000 people will be diagnosed this year. Think about this; 5.3 million of Americans between 6 & 17 are overweight. There are more than 11 million alcoholics in the USA alone. And this is just a small fraction of the statistics that connect to disorderly eating and/or addictions.

Obviously serious medical issues do not develop overnight, but are the outcomes of the moment to moment actions of the disorderly eaters & sugar addicts. You can find these people shopping in every supermarket & eating in every fast food restaurant. Perhaps they work with you or sit next to you in church. They are simply everywhere & all are in the process of developing a life threatening disease. It's a good idea to look in the mirror to make certain that one is not looking back at you.


Questions are vital to outing the disorderly eater & addict. The types of questions must be carefully designed so as to target the underlying problems. Then they can be removed hypnotically with hot desire motivational imagery designed for positive lifestyle change. The same can be accomplished through writing, keeping in mind that the book is not just a book, but a therapeutic tool for the reader. thoughtWARE books are written to achieve this, not just in the exercises, but in the flow of the writing.


Participants expect a hypnotherapist to have the answers they seek & preferably a magic wand to save them any work. This really isn't about laziness, but life disorder, for the disorder in eating issues is pervasive in all areas of life. An examination of the thoughts tell us that just about everything is difficult for these people. That can even include very small areas that need change such as eating vegetables or drinking water. This is one of the reasons why physicians don't get involved with helping in this regard. It's rather like dealing with an obstinate child who simply sets up roadblocks every inch of the way.

Most disorderly eaters need a multitude of lifestyle changes, but these must be addressed at the core & not on the surface. This means looking inward at the beliefs that are seen in the thoughts & corresponding emotions. The easiest & most economical way to get a handle on this huge problem is by integrating new knowledge & change utilizing the medical tool of interactive self-hypnosis. It is possible for a large percentage of the population to change through this type of approach.


The four steps of this program are equally important, but the order of progression is also important. Disorderly eating is like any other disorder or mess, and we get out of this in the same way. First we wake up, and then we bring organization to all of the facets.

As mentioned earlier, disorderly eating rarely lives alone. When one area of a life is in disarray, you won’t have to look far to find another. Disorder and stress go hand in hand, bringing imbalance to the mind and body. Addictions become the easy answer for managing the discomfort. We can grow to like, even love them, and like other bad relationships, they can consume us. It is important to understand that while we may have genetic tendencies towards addictions, we do have choices in the matter. We can choose to stop.

Changing disorderly life patterns and addictions means giving up those dangerous relationships while managing stress in new ways. This is where most people make their mistake when looking to stop smoking, drinking, bingeing, etc. First order of business is to have a very good stress management program in place, one that includes the four steps of this program.

Managing emotions is key to managing addictions and disorder. From the time you were born, you have been developing your own brand of emotional-patterning. Some of the patterns have been heavily etched and are super-automatic. You may have mentored some of these from others, especially when you were very young and more sponge-like. At that time of life you absorbed everything, even if you didn't like it or agree to it. A good exercise is to become aware of what you dislike, or what annoys you about your parents or siblings, then look for those in yourself. You can do the same exercise with your significant other relationship, or your relationship with your children. Try the same mind game with your work relationships. They will be there as well. It's not uncommon to be blind to one's own patterns, as well as to the emotional states that automatically attach to them.

Once a negative pattern has been self-embedded, it must to be removed subconsciously. If not, the pattern will have a tendency to adhere to other experiences "in the moment" or even to future experiences.. Suppose you are thinking about meeting someone you know. You have a history of being annoyed with this person's idiosyncrasies. In your present thoughts, your emotional state crayons are already engaged, coloring your expectations. Even if that person isn't demonstrating the irksome traits in the real-time meeting, you will probably find yourself in your old programmed mind-state anyway, responding “as if” there were.

Let's work with a different future-paced example. Suppose you are going on vacation. On the last vacation you had difficulty adjusting to a non-working relaxed state, finding the vacation finished before you really began enjoying yourself. Even though your current vacation is not for some time, you are already anticipating this, probably playing it in the theater of your mind.

This is a special kind of mind program called a negative expectation. If you play this over and over, you will actually pre-program enhanced mind and body tension. Other negative emotions may choose to join in with their negative color crayons. The chances of an enjoyable vacation is becoming slimmer with each negative mind-etching.

There are many mp3/CD programs to help you organize & activate your life. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to "tweak" your own mind & to move forward at faster speeds. We tend to utilize less than 2% of our potential, so why not delve into your "inner bank account?"

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Enhancing Creativity. This is one session of a three part program. You can order it at any of my websites.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Creative Links Part 2

"You are more powerful than you believe you are. Your level of creativity is higher than you think it is. You can achieve more than you think you can. It’s all a matter of what you believe & you can change whatever you believe"…. Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Suggested Books, CD's & mp3's

Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It
The Authentic Self
Enhancing Creativity

It is important to develop a strong belief in your ability to carry out the plan towards your goal. Sometimes you are not even aware that you don't have this belief, so let's go ahead & do some inner checking.

Focus on your breath for a minute & gently allow the following question to arise. "Can I achieve this goal?" The answer will come before the question is even completely out of your mouth...the mind works very fast! If you get a resounding "YES" just smile knowingly. If, however, you get a weak little "yes maybe" or a resounding "NO", you have some additional work to do. These answers were returned to you from your subconscious mind based on past experiences & beliefs. This does not mean that they are correct, nor does it mean that these beliefs cannot be changed. These needs will form some of your focus work for today.

It is important to start growing some plans for persisting & final goal expectation.. Your inner plans should be organized from start to finish. Don't worry if they appear weak or impractical in the beginning, because as you become involved in the unfolding of the goal, the plans will become stronger & more perfected. Plan to spend some time each day perfecting your organized plans. As you do this exercise, your willpower will increase, as will your ability to persist. If you notice difficulties in evolving a plan of action, have another look at the goal, making certain you really desire it & that there is some definite purpose for the work you are proposing.

The act of organized planning leads to the development of habit & persistence is the direct result of habit. Your mind will become absorbed by the daily experiences on which it feeds, & since these are directly related to your goal achievement, you will continue to move closer & closer. On occasion you will hit a stumbling block....just notice it & step right over it. Some blocks are small & some are much really doesn't matter to the person in pursuit of the goal. Stumbling blocks are a signal to move past or over. If you notice the arrival of the emotion called "fear", just label it & refocus on your breath & your goal. You will certainly be doing more work with emotional visitors in days to come.


Take time to enter your alpha brain wave state & go deeper down than before. If you are reading any of our books or working with our CD or mp3 programs, you have already learned many deepening exercises & it's always a good idea to review them, keeping them active in practice. After you read this exercise, close your eyes & begin the work. Enter your inner or subconscious library & notice that your Inner Coach is standing next to your subconscious librarian fingering some of your organized goal plans. Go ahead over & pick up the plans. Notice that your goal areas are written on the top of each plan. Begin to review them one by one. After reviewing each one, open your eyes & make some notes of important findings.

Notice that affirmations have already organized themselves on the inner screen of your mind. This time they brought their own action images, some even with sound. Take your time, working with each one separately. If you don’t have time now, make an appointment to follow through with this. Just reading words is not sufficient for planting working affirmations in your subconscious mind. In addition, you may think the following are simplistic, therefore not valuable. Keep in mind that simple affirmations work best, especially when accompanied by inner imagery, visualization & emotional blasting.

·I work on my organized planning daily.
·I review my plans & they are clear to me.
·Details of my plans magically appear on my mind screen.
·My plans are alive & speak volumes to me.


It would be a good idea to relax deeply before reading this work. A light alpha state would be great and allow the images to truly etch in your subconscious mind. Read this as if I were writing you a letter about things I've noticed about you.

I want you to place a picture of yourself with your new belief in a circle of white. See yourself/emotionally sense yourself achieving your goal & especially notice how easy it was to do this. You might even see & hear yourself repeating, "This is so easy. I had no idea this would be so easy."

You might see yourself organizing your plans to achieve your goal. Notice how relaxed you are, as well as how focused you are in your intent to organize the plans. The plans come easy to you. The pictures are clear. You even see the list of plans in the white circle. Maybe you can't read them from where you are sitting, so just reach forward, taking the organized plan list in your hand, placing it on your lap.

When you are finished with this exercise, pick up the list & read it. Do this exercise even if you have a strong belief about your ability to carry out the organized plans to reach your goals. You can all use all the determination you can muster. This is a great opportunity to build strength in this self-development department.
As you see your belief in the white circle, what stands out? ________________________

Add these affirmation plants. They play out like little television programs. Remember to allow your subconscious mind to fill in the details.

·My beliefs are clear.
·I can see my plans developing.
·I enjoy doing this work for myself.


There are many mp3/CD programs to help you organize & activate your life. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to "tweak" your own mind & to move forward at faster speeds. We tend to utilize less than 2% of our potential, so why not delve into your "inner bank account?"

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. The name of the program is Enhancing Creativity. This is one session of a three part program. You can order it at any of my websites.

If you would like my assistance in choosing the best program for you, please contact me.