Thursday, November 29, 2007

Negative Speak

"It's much easier to study & pick apart someone else, than oneSelf."....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The desire to rehabilitate yourself can be very powerful & it can open doors to areas of creativity that were always there, but simply sleeping. Calls to rehabilitation can come from health concerns or an actual disease diagnosis as in the case of Deanna. Other times it can be a lack of focus, relationship problems, work issues, or a host of other areas. It can also be the final realization that what you are doing isn't working, so something has to change. You may not know what that thing is, perhaps leaving you with a feeling of frustration, despair or even fear. Do know that "something" is a big gift, even though it may be wrapped in that unapplealing or frightening gift wrap.

As the writer & deliverer of the spokenWORDS, it's important for me to remember that everyone in the Workshop came from a different direction, even if their reasons for coming appear to be the same, such as in an addiction. This is why it's so important for me to provide the words, metaphors, images & other mindWORK that will allow each individual to work independently, even though the words may be the same. Right now I'm appreciatingInteractive Self-Hypnosis because it works so well in rehabilitation.

Clarissa speaks out. "I'm overwhelmed with everything in my life & the idea that so many parts of me need to be fixed is causing physical sensations of panic."

Feeling & even being overwhelmed is a common fear that appears in this moment of awakening or pre-awakening. I'm noticing that the Workshop participants are not relaxed into their seats, looking rather like they are waiting for the opportunity to dart out of the room.

It's like each one has a large plate of pasta on their laps, the strands representing the areas of their lives, all tangled around each other. However, with pasta, no one procrastinates for long. One just digs in, usually not stopping until the plate is empty. However, when life is seen as one big plate full, it's not uncommon for the owner to freeze in fear, then to stay frozen in procrastination. It is this dangerous place that you will find a large percentage of our population. It's good to know that it is possible to break this dangerous behavior pattern & we will be doing that here.

Right now I tell the Workshop participants that they are the writers, directors & producers of their individual lives & now it's time to re-write the script.


Relax into your chairs, as if they were gently holding you, like a gentle, warm parent of sorts. Snuggle down.

We all have a tendency to live on automatic pilot programs. Many of these mind programs do not reflect what we truly want, but yet most of us keep doing the same over & over. The Workshop is about breaking out of automatic pilot & then stopping to make an assessment. This is our beginning detective work.

Becoming aware, or breaking out of automatic pilot helps us to break the habit of compulsion, clearing the mind for reviewing, taking us to the area where we can choose what is best. From this position it is easier to motivate yourselves into the needed action plan for success. This can become a tall order, consideering all the areas in life that have need of rehabilitation. So, in order to accomplish this objective, you will need a very detailed program design or gestalt, formulated on living images of what you truly want to experience. You will also need an excellent action plan & most importantly, you will need a very special coach to consistently provide both inner & outer motivation.

Now, where do you find this?

Right here in the Workshop. This program is designed to provide all the tools you need for managing your life & taking it to higher planes. You are already learning these, but you are still at the beginning. Soon you will know how to wake up to small moments, to edit them & plant new directives "right in the moment."

When should you begin?

I suggest with your very next breath. I'd like you to recognize that you are on the merry-go-round of life where you are free to choose your own mindSET, just as if it were a hat sitting on your head. Take off any mindSET hat that isn't working to your benefit. Stay attentive for mindSET hats that keep you in a negative or victim frame of mind. Once you are awake with a new mindSET hat on your head, you are ready to move on to collecting the kinds of tools that you will need for daily work. This work will take you to a healthier you, both physically & emotionally. As you settle into this position, hat in place, you are ready to program your own subconscius mind for what you want. You are ready to go & get these things.

Most of you have been to the beginning goal-choice area of the Life University & perhaps have experimented with different goal facets or choices. Some of you needed help to move bigger blocks that were disallowing you from focusing on possibilities. Now, you are all ready to go back to that area. Always check your mindSET hats before working "forward." It's amazing how small, negative moodHATS can block your ability to see & sense creative possibilities.


There are many ways to foster your own self-rehabilitation. There is ALWAYS room to grow. Remember, we all utilize only a fraction of our possibilities. What would your life be like IF you made the decision, right now, to utilize & to break through old barriers?

Here is a complimentary mp3 for you to experience. This is a program for moving through "resistance." I have several "resistance-breaking" programs, but for my writer friends, I'd like to share a track from Overcoming Writer's Block. This is a two-part program... You can order it on my websites.

If you would like my help in choosing the best program for you, please contact me directly.