Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Art of Self-Tweaking

"Nothing is static. Everything can be made better by enhancing focus & upgrading desire."... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

It's almost that time of year when we begin to think about the New Year & what we might like to achieve. However, many of the things we want are already in process & in need of a "tweak or two."

Tweak Related Words - adjust pull off, pluck, pick off, fine-tune, pinch, nip, squeeze, tweet, twinge.

Everyone wants to progress.... that's a given, but because we have so many different areas to manage.....all containing a multitude of goals, both big & small, it's a wonder that we do as much as we do. For most areas of life & for most goals, we have a tendency to be lost in very powerful automatic pilot programs.

I was brought to this line of thinking today by a client of mine who is leaving for a trip abroad. When planning her session, I decided to help her install a subconscious mind tweaking program that would benefit the many areas we are working on together. It helps to know that when one leaves home, a large portion of automatic pilot programs get left behind as well.

Even something as mundane as brushing the teeth, takes on a new pattern. Take a moment to think about how many areas will change for my client.....you might be surprised. Those of us who work in the field of focus, flow, concentration & clarity know the value of changing.........even little things. So, when one goes abroad lots of little things will simply change. It's like a gift waiting to happen.

When old patterns are broken, even if just temporarily, creative-opportunity spaces appear. These spaces are very valuable assets & afford a perfect opportunity to revamp different areas of life that might benefit from some re-thinking or re-direction. I call this tweaking. The re-direction or re-editing can be accomplished in large or small areas.

Tweaking can be a conscious or subconscious mind activity. I personally like to explore both avenues. In the past, some of my best break-through ideas came through subconscious mind tweaking, although conscious planning also has tremendous benefits. While this is a big subject for this blog, I can certainly touch on some areas that may actually tweak your desire to learn more.

What areas are best to tweak?

I actually like to program my own subconscious mind to tweak in all major areas of my life, because I never know where the most powerful gifts are coming to come from. This is exactly what I did with my client. Break-through idea may appear small on the surface, but can have big ramifications. This happened to me when I was tweaking my food & beverage intake. I got the idea that I truly could stop drinking caffeinated coffee. While this may not sound like a big thing, trust me it was. I had been addicted to caffeine for over 30 years & so, there wasn't an area of my life that was not affected by the absence of this substance.

It is often difficult to tweak without slowing the brain waves due to mind-turbulance. I also call this run-away brain syndrome. Take a moment to tune into your own thought processes & take notice of their speed. Think of them as traffic & you might be shocked at how fast it is going. Think about catching one of those thoughts & you'll get the idea of how necessary it is to slow the brain waves.

Once the brain waves are slowed, not only can you catch the thought, but there are other benefits as well. Stress chemical production is diminished. It is then possible to access the door to the subconscious mind. This only takes about 1/200th of a second. Now you are ready to program the subconscious mind for a good tweaking session.

Here are some areas my client tweaked....

1. Weight Management - As we entered this area of her subconscious mind programs, we noticed the many different aspects of her self-discipline. Some appeared to be working quite well, others not so well. However, we asked the mind to tweak all areas, the reason being that everything can be made better. We just may not know this consciously. For imagery we utilized a laser light & focused it on food shopping, refrigerator, cupboards, exercise circuit training, walking & swimming programs & her emotional component. The process is as simple as "notice or call attention to, laser light, tweak." The subconscious mind will respond to this by sending suggestions or new action programs.

2. General Health- We separated her general health from her weight management program because we wanted her subconscious mind to highlight that important area. As we walked through her body departments, we simply "noticed, laser light & tweaked." The mind will simply produce improved self-care programs in the different areas. Perhaps some areas won't have any, but most will.

3. Relationship with Self - This is the most important relationship area & often the most ignored. My client needs lots more work in this area including building her self-image & self-esteem. As we located her different object-goals in this area, she "noticed, laser light & tweaked." These included caring for her personal needs, having fun, building interesting work, hobbies, self-thoughts, choosing more emotions that build, etc. Because this was done hypnotically, her subconscious mind will bring forth new ideas, along with the organized plans.

4. Financial - Like all of us, my client certainly needs some tweaking in the area of money management. When we are over-loaded with daily tasks, we often miss out on making corrections or building new opportunities. The subconscious mind is never too busy to work things out for us. All we need to do is ask, so we tweaked her budget, bank account, spending habits & investments. It will be interesting to see what gifts she receives in this department.

5. Home - This is a very easy area to tweak. My client & I visited all the rooms in her home, as well as her car & pool/garden, pointing the laser at all sorts of things. Her subconscious mind will send her a multitude of suggestions for making her life better in these areas. It's so common to stay on automatic pilot in relation to our home environment, for this is where we come to rest & recover from our work & social life. Whenever I tweak my home area, I find myself removing clutter & organizing areas that have been ignored for quite some time.

6. Relationships - My client has many relationships including her family & friends. It's not uncommon to take these for granted, so tweaking will usually improve their quality. My client is ready to think about some additional relationships & so we asked her subconscious mind to make a note of this & bring forth some suggestions. I won't be surprised if she begins to be more open to meeting new people.

6. Future - Tweaking the future is great fun & filled with possibilities of all kinds. This is a great opportunity to let her subconscious mind know what sorts of experiences she would like to have. We simply brought forth images & gave them a super-charged laser tweak. And, we left the following affirmation in this
area......THIS OR BETTER !

I welcome change in all areas of my life. I enjoy it. I'm ready for it. ...Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht