Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's It to Be......Yes or No?

"Quick decisions are unsafe decisions."... Sophocles

Is It a Yes or a No?

For some reason, today is all about decision making, not only in my own life, but in the lives of those I work with & so I've spent a good part of the day thinking about decision making. Since I'm prone, like most of us, to procrastinating, I "decided" to review my patterns, beliefs & behaviors in this area of my life, hoping that my own self-review will help me to find the right words to help my clients & patients. Perhaps my review might help you to make your decision-making easier over the weekend, especially now that we are entering the holiday-stress month.

Here are some questions I have for mySelf.

What kinds of decision-needing thoughts live in my mind bank & how are they organized?
Am I an avoider? Do I push decision-needing thoughts to the back of the mind or jump into "compulsion?"
Are there particular "words" that generate action, or send me running for cover?
How do I view decisions of others?
Am I quick to self-judge or to judge others?
Am I open to learning, or do I just think that I observe from my automatic-pilot, waking-sleep state?

Yesterday a local man made a bad decision that ended his life. He decided to cool off in a local river after cutting the lawn. According to the newspaper, a 1200 pound alligator ate him.

Just the thought of this makes me ill. I'm a northern-suburban girl living in the south. I had no idea that alligators came that big. Also, I can't imagine jumping into any water down here. Even wading in the Gulf of Mexico has proved to be deadly at certain times of the year when the sharks are more aggressive.

I once took care of a young woman, just eighteen years old, who made a bad decision that changed her life forever. She dove into a swimming pool with insufficient water & ended up a quadriplegic. I remember her telling me about the moment before she decided to dive, a voice told her not to do it. In that split second she could have moved away from decision & into deliberation. I believe that voice was her intuition or subconscious mind attempting to guide her. Unfortunately she decided not to pay attention. I was wondering if the man who jumped into the river had a moment of self-communication with his intuition, or was he just driven by the heat & humidity?

Of course, not all decisions are so life-changing as these, but the ability or inability to make decision can certainly change outcomes, both big & small. When someone has a low self-esteem or self-image, or is prone to compulsion, then there can be trouble underfoot.

I need to question my Self again.

What is the state of my own intuition?
What can I do to enhance my inner communication levels?
I've been thinking about how easy it is to do something totally foolish & seemingly small that can impact so greatly. On the other hand, I don't want to live a life on procrastination-hold. Where can I find this balance?

I was remembering the audio CD programs I designed on decision making. Sometimes I'm so busy that I forget about my own self-needs. Sounds like the plumber with a leaky faucet.

Of course.... I need to work on my concentration & focus, remembering to practice moving out of automatic-pilot & into sensory imaging outcomes. My skill level used to be pretty good with these tools, but I've become a bit complacent over the years.

I also remember that there are thousands of decisions to be made each day. Some of them belong on auto-pilot, such as going to the bathroom, eating meals, going to work & going to sleep, to name a few. Other types of decisions just need a little attention, such as what blouse to wear, what shape pasta to cook, etc. No need to spend lots of time with those. It feels good to break the compulsion to suffer through easy decisions, giving myself permission to just ask, "is it a yes or a no." Simple & direct. Saving the more detailed "decision-work", for those that warrant it.

I remember how the sensory imaging also enhanced my levels of creativity, not only in work, but in relationships & in my sports performance. Concentration combined with the right amount of relaxation, both mentally & physically holds the key to enhanced intuition. The subconscious mind is a great safety & guide, as long as the channels open to allow the communication.

The negative aspects of my mind are trying to debate this conversation I'm having with myself. I'm being reminded that I am far too busy for this kind of self-work. I have programs to write, patients to see, classes to organize & teach. I already know that "I can't do everything", so why not just stop this nonsense & do what's sitting on my desk. "Now, that would be a good decision, wouldn't it?"

How many times I've fallen prey to this part of my personal mindSCRABBLE. I see this in my patients & students. Always feverishly tasking. Never giving the Self permission to stop & review, assess, plan & then incorporate action steps into motivation-imagery.

My negative mind-states are not going to win today. And....that is good news for me, as well as for my projects waiting for me on my desk. They will be there when I'm finished taking care of myself.

"I enhance my intuition by building a strong relationship with my subconscious mind librarian. I relax & see outcomes before they happen. I make wise decisions."....
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht


"Tis the season of making even more decisions & so I'd like to offer you a sample mp3 session from a program I've designed for Decision Making. Here's your opportunity to program your mind to locate those decisions that only require a "yes or no" & to make time for those that require more thought. The entire program is available on my websites.