Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lost & Found

Our eyes are not responsible when the mind does the seeing...Publius Syrus

Each of us has our own optical collection. How you us it is up to you....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, CHt

We see things through the lenses we have collected over the years. Some were given to us by others when we were very young. As we became older we produced additional lenses from our experiences, but these often contained particles or frames from those earlier lenses.

Each day we continue to etch lenses. If we tend to be a follower, those lenses seem to appear automatically in our collection, often without even checking them out. We begin to think like those in our circle, even if this way of being is opposite to our authenic self.

This type of lense conflict often causes great stress in the mind & body, as we are pulled by the opposing forces. This is easily seen in teens & young adults who want to belong to their peer group, no matter what the cost, but still want to be close to family. You can also spot this happening when someone moves to a new job or even to a new neighborhood. It's like they are two completely different people. Pay attention to this tendency in your Self. While we all have it, what's important is the degree. Yes, we want to fit it, but no, we don't want to lose our authentic Self.

I remember looking in the mirror one day & not knowing who was looking back at me. After a moment I realized that I was looking at myself. That moment still stings me. I came to know that I truly had lost touch with me. Somewhere along the line I had grown old & so serious.

A rather peculiar thought entered my mind. When was the last time I played hop-scotch? What ever happened to my pogo-stick? Where were my skates? I don't remember making a conscious choice to rid my life of these things. When was the last time I sang out loud, just for my own enjoyment, without even thinking what other's would think? Where did that part of me go?

So, do we ever know when we are doing something for the last time? Do we take the time to honor these important aspects of our lives? Do we even consider their importance?

These thoughts began some change reaction thinking on my part, some of it a bit un-nerving. The end result was that I realized the level to which I had ignored or lost my authentic Self. Once again, how can someone not recognize their reflection in a mirror?

In my private practice I meet up with lost people every day. As my patients are telling me the complications of their situations, I can actually see the young child who became disengaged, just as I had become. When did the child despair & turn to alcohol? Why did the child stop eating healthy foods that allowed him to run so fast & jump so high? Why wasn't that important anymore? When & why did life get so heavy that the child had to run for cover? Where is the child now & what has to happen to bring the child out of hiding & to integrate with his authentic self?

Working with interactive heightened awareness & interactive self-hypnosis gives us many frames to do just this. As the body & mind relax deeply, it is easier to enter the images of the past & to reclaim the authentic child. In an earlier blog entry we did just this. But taking possession of the child, is just the beginning.

Next we must learn to love & care for our young authentic self at the deepest & most subtle levels. Besides loving & honoring, we must provide the practical things of life, including nutrition, deep relaxation, care of emotions, as well as delivering healthy, detailed images to work towards. We know these as goals. Each goal, big or small, is seen as a gift to be studied & cultivated.

In interactive imagery we can clean up the past. In a previous exercise we removed layers that had been placed by others. Now, as we stay in heightened awareness, we can easily see & sense further details, perhaps habits & behaviors that are like dirt under the fingernails. Not for our authentic self !! The more we become aware, the more power we have & as we release these seemingly small, but important specks of dirt, we are free to look at the detailed goals that we've designed as gifts for ourselves.

I keep my fingernails clean. My goals are gifts that open their details before me.... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht


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