Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good-Bye Procrastination

"Being stuck is simply a state of mind that can be changed with your next thought."........Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Moving out of procrastination & into action is a major part of all of the books & CD programs I design. Follow along as I work with one of my students...

Claire: I can get really excited about doing something, and then for no reason at all I lose interest. When I try to talk myself into going back and doing it, my mind won’t let me even think about it. This happens with everything and not just sugar issues.

Any and all behaviors can be changed if you truly desire to do so. You can choose to push through resistance, or you can work with Interactive Self-Hypnosis tools and allow your subconscious mind to help you. Let’s have a look at some inner resources that are waiting for you.

Let’s have a look at your motivational history. We’ll enter your memory bank & look for your motivating power. Then we can engage it & attach it to any goal whatsoever, including the management of sugar addiction or disorderly eating…

In the past what made you…

Do things you wanted to do?
Do things you didn’t want to do?
Move out of a negative emotion?
Move out of procrastination?
In other words, what moves you?

Yes, ask your subconscious mind what makes you do things? As we look to current and past patterns, we can utilize this information to enhance future programming. Pick out some mind pictures where your early children are involved in doing things. Choose something the child likes, as well as something the child doesn't like. Now interview the child in your mind's eye, finding out what made him/her spur to action.

While the adolescent is just an older child, the motivator system can remain the same, change entirely, or be edited in some way. Ask for two experiences, one where the teen wanted the experience and another where it was not one of choice. Interview the teen and ask about the motivators and what he would have changed if given the choice.

Even though we have more personal control in adulthood, we still have to do things we don't want and also get to do things we do want to do. Spend some time visiting some experiences in both genres and interview yourself. See what you can find out.

Even though we should know ourselves better than before, we don't always put our best foot forward. Locate something you don't want to do and hone in on the motivators you either used or will use. Then go to the happier side of the street and find an experience of something you look forward to and spot the motivator.

The following exploration questions will serve to tweak your subconscious mind and prepare it for the work ahead!

· What would you do if you knew you could not fail? This question is tantamount to a gift, because your subconscious mind will take it as such. Just locating and defining it is a mind program!

· How do you expect your life to change with this work? Another gift!! Positive expectations slip right into the subconscious mind. The more time you take in defining what you expect to happen, the better the outcomes will be.

· What are you learning from the behaviors you want to change? While this question may not look like a gift from the wrappings, do know that it is. All behaviors that get in the way of success have flags. The lessons are embroidered on the flags. These are your behavioral teachers. Take some time to notice them and read a flag or two.

· What would you like to save from the way you are now? Despite the fact you probably need some changes, there are lots of great things going on with you right now in this very moment. Let your subconscious mind know that you do know what they are!

· Anything else? Sometimes the subconscious mind is just egging for a particular question to be asked. So here is your opportunity to ask and answer...


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My goal, as the originator of Interactive Self-Hypnosis & the Workshop, is to show you how to become an exceptional strategist in your life, be it a battle or not. Here you will be empowered to take responsibility for your own health, your well-being & your level of performance. This Workshop is a unique road map leading you, the participant, into a world of optimum health, positive expectation & gently paced action....the true beginning of permanent lifestyle change.

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