Thursday, October 4, 2007

Opening Health Related Filing Cabinets

"Knowing & caring for your genetic wallpaper, will give you the chance to reach a higher level of health & wellness."....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Today is the day the Workshop group will open their health and wellness filing cabinet, located in their individual subconscious minds.

We must all plan and program the subconscious mind for success. Here you will be collecting both big and small successes and placing them in a container where it will be easy to apply them to each and every goal in your life.

Throughout the Workshop and the work you will continue to do after the Workshop has finished, you will be returning to this Personal Assessment, gleaning information that will assist you in moving forward even faster and with less effort. The Personal Assessment will be your blueprint for growth and goal implementation for the lifestyle changes you will be designing both in and out of Interactive Self-hypnosis.

It is important to take time in this self-review. Please do not rush through it. Make it your work in progress, just as you are in real life. Each time you return to this review your subconscious mind will view it's importance by sending additional helpful information up to your consciousness. Your inner library is vast. It is a valuable resource just waiting patiently to be accessed by you.

Working with your subconscious mind is not a mystery, nor is it difficult. There is no need to be lying down in some deep trance state. You can easily learn to do this inner work right here in this moment or in any moment you so choose. While there is value in having a qualified hypnotherapist guide you in working through major problem areas, self-hypnosis is something you do for your own mental and physical health, including self-management of addictions and other potentially unhealthy excesses..

Opening the Inner Library Doors

In your work with the Personal Assessment you will be accessing your subconscious mind with a simple relaxation response, slowing the brain waves to just below the alpha brain wave level, about 7-10 cycles per second. Here you will be able to request information via inner pictures or active commands. This is not the same as demanding or efforting. When the mind is relaxed and the stress chemicals are diminished, the subconscious mind is free to answer easily and without pressure.

Right in this very moment, you are only a breath away from the door of your subconscious library and it's vast resources. Think about that. In this or any given moment, both in or out of self-hypnotic trance, you can release your stress-states, curb your production of stress chemicals that interfere with a health body and cognitive functioning while entering your vast library of resources. Your inner librarian is ready to bring forward anything you request or need. You can also plant new ideas or suggestions with hooks for easy retrieval. This is very useful when studying a new or complicated subject. You can ask questions and request answers or suggestions for making new plans to reach your goals.

Each time you sit down to work in this section, simply place your fingertips on your lower abdomen and allow it to fill with a deep yawn breath. Quietly observe as your fingers ride up and down on your lower abdomen. Notice your in-breath and label it. It's very important to you. Notice your out-breath and label it. Notice you can determine the depth of your in-breath while holding it gently in your mouth for the count of 4. As the breath exits, notice you can extend the flow of the breath.

Once you have completed the breath circuit, allow your body to become heavy in the chair where you are resting, just as if magnets were gently pulling it down. This is an interactive self-hypnotic deepening exercise. You are slowing your brain waves, turning off the production of stress chemicals and bringing your body functions to homeostasis or inner balance. For example, your heart beat and blood pressure regulate, as well as your blood sugars and other endocrine functions. Not only is this a health exercise, but you are enhancing your cognitive functioning while making yourself ready to enter the door of the subconscious mind where programming takes place.

After reading this paragraph close your eyes gently and tilt them up about 20 degrees, just as if you were sitting in the second row of a movie theater. You will begin feeling the internal changes in your body. This is deep relaxation. Stay here for a few moments and enjoy how easy it is for you to go even deeper down, allowing your body to become even heavier than before. You can then open your eyes and choose to feel alert, focused and ready to begin subconscious exploration. In a later Workshop session, you will be learning more tools for regulating your depth of trance, as well as knowing why you might want to do so in certain situations.

Exploring Family Medical History

In your self-assessment work you will be looking in detail at your family medical history, as well as your own personal medical and health self-care, just as if you opened a file drawer in a doctor's office. Only this file will have much more detailed information, as well as inner movies for you to study. The more you learn about yourself, your genetics and family-tendencies towards certain diseases and addictions, the better for your recovery and future health.

It's possible that you never thought about this area of your life before and this may be quite a revelation. Certain genetically diseases that run in families are linked to producing hormones that are connected to bingeing, addictions, eating disorders, pre-disease states and stress issues that can interfere with cognitive functioning and mental wellness. Gaining knowledge, as well as understanding these links can help you to better manage your own life. Some of those genetically linked disease include adult onset diabetes, reactive hypoglycemia, hypertension, circulatory disease, heart disease, hormonally related cancers, obesity and all addictions.

Keep in mind that your grandparents also had parents who gifted them with their genetics. It is possible to look back into your history and find those very tendencies that you experience in your life today. Here in the assessment we will only explore back to your grandparents, their specific tendencies towards diseases and addictions. You do need to manage these in order to experience high level health and performance in all areas of your life.

Claire: My family has lots of those diseases and I have a history of sugar addiction. It’s been getting worse over the years, and now at the age of 36 my levels on concentration are so bad that by the middle of the afternoon I simply want to go to sleep. It’s like I’m drugged. Is this related to my family history or how I eat?

More than likely Claire is having an afternoon low blood sugar. Her family is positive for those diseases that lead to insulin over-production and resistance. If she has not been eating correctly for her genetic wallpaper, this is most likely what is going on. The good news is that she can change her outcomes if she chooses.

Many chemical changes go on inside your body. Some are related to food and some are not, but what you eat and drink will have an effect on what you feel. When the blood insulin levels are too high, there is a desire or craving for sugar foods. This is the body attempting to normalize itself. Sometimes the desire is for refined sugars and other times for the higher glycemic carbohydrates. When you answer the body with foods such as these your insulin levels will appear to normalize, but within a short time you are likely to feel another drop in blood sugar, and this time it may be even harder.

Genetics are not your fault, so no more hiding under rocks or blaming the past. You can now uncover this information, come to understand while learning to benefit from it. There isn’t anything, genetic or otherwise that doesn’t have a benefit somewhere inside of it. Here you will uncover these jewels.


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