Monday, October 1, 2007

Affirmation Planting

The Workshop group continues to work in the area of affirmation planting. Katrina notices that the more affirmations she plants, the bigger her desire to binge.

The problem is I want to give up bingeing. I with that I knew how to convince my inner voices that are always arguing. It is so crazy that I can hear both of them. Which one am I really suppose to hear. Who is the problem ?

Eliz: There is no arguing allowed. When the self-esteem is bolstered by active affirmations, it's not uncommon for the child-self to try to assert itself. However, you are in charge, not the child. If you were riding a horse & came to a crossroad, you wouldn't have a discussion with the horse over which way to go. You decide. You're in charge. And so, let's build the self-esteem more today.

Let’s begin…. You know the routine…..One at a time…. As you pick up the plants, please read the label & then notice the image that accompanies the words…. It is a living image…..just like a little movie….. demonstrating the active affirmation & showing you where to plant it in relation to your own perceived disorderly eating patterns….you will also notice that when you go to plant, you will also be removing weeds & tilling the soil…..yes, it is time for a complete fresh start….. nothing needs to stay the same…..although as I mentioned earlier, you do have some eating behaviors or patterns that ARE healthy, but perhaps you haven’t paid attention to them OR you haven’t honored them……..thereby allowing them to become helpful to you. But you are here now & so here’s the first plant that appears on your wagon….

Here…..consider this one. I am the only one who has to live my life & experience my outcomes.

Read the label again slowly…..take your time….these simple words sitting in their simple order can be life changing. Notice the living image that is playing out & that you are eager to investigate further. Look at your feet & now raise your head, noticing that you are inside the active affirmational image. …finding yourself alone on your life path.

Yes, you were born alone & will die alone & this is your path where you actively work on your own outcomes…..what you experience is determined by what you do here….it’s really quite simple….perhaps you wonder where everyone else is & so I’ll give you my field glasses….look out & then to the right & left….see the many paths?…..those are the paths of others who are also responsible for what they experience. Those are not your paths, but the paths of others….please pay careful attention… I’m offering your special lenses for the field glasses…..this will enable you to see the actions, behaviors & emotions that accompany disorderly or orderly eating….go ahead & look out again & to the right & to the left….

Notice what others are doing…..choices…..behaviors…..emotions…..& now look down their paths at the outcomes they are producing… many outcomes greatly effected by the choices of others. Now bring your attention to your path. Those choices are not yours & so no outcomes are on your path from the choices & behaviors of others UNLESS you have chosen to make one of the others YOUR TEACHER & GIFTER…..just for practice, bring over a disorderly choice from the path of another & place it on your path…….observe how quickly the outcome transfers itself over to your private area….. now walk down into that outcome & feel what it feels like to have that for yourself……how do you like this…..would you like more…..& so since this was just for practice, go ahead & back up……….erasing as you go.

And now another practice….locate an orderly choice from someone elses life menu….. transfer it to your path….noticing that nothing can be transferred without your permission……..and now observe the outcomes that arrive automatically with the orderly choice…. Once again, go up into the outcome, sensing what it feels like to have this for yourself…… do you like it?……would you like more?………..would you like to keep this? If so, simply welcome it….noticing that it takes root & develops routes for you to travel further into this….thereby making itself into an orderly pattern. Well done…..

Here’s a plant that works very well….& should be part of any garden, be it eating related or any other.

Obstacles don’t matter much….. only four words, but words that can change a lifetime of failure, both past & future. Read the words again… fact, fall in love with them. Say them to yourself AS IF the greatest lover in the world was saying them to you & now you are saying them to you….for indeed, you are your greatest lover to yourself. Ahhh….yes. Obstacles don’t matter much. And as you say them & look to the living image….notice any & all symbols representing obstacles to your mind are shrinky-dinking down…becoming smaller & smaller & smaller than that. OK now….ready.

In you go. Looking down at your feet & when you are ready…..eyes forward ready to explore & participate in your own inner domain. Finding yourself in the past obstacle center…..locating those obstacles having to do with eating issues….you know exactly what those are because they are your past obstacles & only belong to you, for that is why they are in your area…..because you brought them here. You own them…. & so your inner guide is coming forward….welcome your guide….thanking your guide in advance for all the help you are about to receive. The guide is handing you a diminishing wand….such a kool tool…..go ahead & touch that old obstacle over there & notice as you do that it diminishes….the longer you hold the diminishing wand on the obstacle, the smaller it becomes. Well done….go ahead & touch as many as you like….now these are obvious obstacles.

Your guide is leading you towards an area where the obstacles are less obvious…..some having to do with your self-esteem….the way you think about yourself, talk to yourself, both quietly & out loud…..maybe even clothing these things in joke-suits…. & now the wand…..touching them, shinking them down, even if you don’t recognize them right now or have a specific name for them. Your subconscious mind does know about these, now understanding that you no longer choose to have these obstacles in your life….

In fact, look to the side of the room & you will notice the obstacle builders….emotions of yours that work specifically in the construction of obstacles. It’s time for you to dismiss them for they are not needed any longer…..& as they leave, look out the windows…..the sun is shining on your orderly life……orderly in all areas. Obstacles no longer exist for me. They diminish before they begin. I look out through clear windows, observing my orderly life. How wonderful this feels.

Your guide is coming forward……pulling a wagon of plants…..ready for planting. Here are your tools, so go ahead now & begin. Noticing the images on the labels & making plans to come back later & to enter even more areas of your inner world.

I take complete responsibility for myself.

Today is the day I stop making excuses.

Today is the day I start on the road to success.

The seeds to my success are in my imagination at this very moment.

I create healthy, balanced meals.

I eat sufficient protein at each meal.

Every food has a purpose in relation to my body & mind.

I respect foods & their purpose.