Monday, October 22, 2007

Into the Mind Screen

We are involved in the BlogAlong Workshop that is based on my work of the past thirty years in nursing education & clinical hypnotherapeutic practice, as well as in research. Many of you who are following this workshop have known me for awhile & are working with my books, CD's & mp3 programs.

Others of you are new to me & also to this type of work, a combination of Active Awareness, Emotional & Thought Management & Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. For further introductory information, please read the bottom paragraphs of this blog entry. This keeps me from having to repeat it for those who are in process.

Today we return to the mind screen located in your special "egg" or in the theater of your mind. I hope you have been practicing the deep relaxation ritual that allows you to enter at this slow brain, or alpha level. This is where subconscious mind programs are best planted. They are also easier to etch here. It's also where we work on removing or mind editing old programs or facets of programs that arent' working for us.

There have been some interesting conversations in the yahoogroups that are following this workshop. Yesterday we were discussing the observation of negative programs on the mind screen & what to do with them. I suggested that you just leave them alone for now. The fact that you are awake & aware to them is excellent in itself.

At this stage of our work, my goal is to have you relax & find your mind screen...or find a way to image it for yourself. Remember Harlan who simply views it as the screen in his local movie theater. Whatever you notice popping up on it for now is simply a bonus. It really doesn't matter if it's negative or positive, for we are going to benefit from everything we think or sense in some way. Here's the crux. The more we awaken, the more progress we can make by clearing our clutter & the more creative programs we can design & plant.

Here's a comment from TARA, one of my office patients. Right now my mind screen doesn't have much to offer. As you suggested, I watched a movie about my usual day. The frame was dark & dirty. The pictures were sort of blurred & uninteresting. I could image myself, but found it unpleasant. I seemed tired, bored, unattractive & unkept. This is not how I see myself when I look in a real mirror, although I must confess that I don't have a very high opinion of myself.

ELIZ - Tara is observing some of her inner beliefs, many of which are more than likely more honest than her conscious mirror look. Most of us live behind a mask in order to protect ourselves. I've known Tara for awhile & find this true about her. She is a very talented writer, but doesn't produce very much, spending much time procrastinating & finding other things that she allows to pull her away from what she really wants to accomplish. She's filled with excuses & as she continues to work with her mind screen, she will be able to change her inner dialog, as well as to clean & clear the areas that are dampening her self-esteem & self-image.

JOANNE - What are some of the things we'll do with the mind screen image? I'm a member of two groups.... self-hypnosis & phobias. Can I work with both areas at the same time?

ELIZ- Yes, of course. Watching the mind-screen is like being an observer of your own life. Of course, we only observe it part of the time, either when we are practicing, or we remember, or we have a special desire & decide to visit & work with it. Other times we are in the workshop of the world, wandering about with everyone else. Keep in mind that the world is like a big school. When we practice Heightened Awareness we are able to see & examine more than when we are sleep-walking on automatic pilot.

In the future you will be able to see the many facets of your phobias or fears. You will actually be able to utilize the mind screen to see the scenes that play out BEFORE the phobias present themselves. You'll begin to notice the prodromals, the causative factors, the connecting emotions & you will be able to intercede at any juncture, thereby stalling or completely dismissing the phobia completely. After all, it doesn't benefit you life, does it? Is it something that you want to keep? I doubt it. It simply takes up time that you could utilize for your true creative talents that would love to emerge on that clear & bright mind screen of yours.

Here are some of the areas we will be addressing on the mind-screen. I don't think I have space for all of them, so I'll continue in the next BlogAlong entry.

ADDICTIONS & EATING DISORDERS - Motivators, patterns of bingeing, emotions, compulsions, history, medical issues, new behaviors, other life goals, etc.

ACCELERATED LEARNING/CREATIVITY - Opening creative channels, deep mind excavating, utilizing other learning modes, emotional clutter, beliefs, etc.

PHOBIAS & DISTRUCTIVE HABITS - Opening patterns, exploring needs for habits such as nail biting, skin picking, family & personal medical history, re-programming facets, seeing oneself complete & in charge of body functions, etc.

PREGNANCY, BIRTHING, PARENTING - Relaxing, giving birth through the mind screen, releasing discomfort, balancing hormones, releasing stress, building energy, managing sleep loss or interruption, etc.

SELF-HYPNOSIS - Deepening, accessing the inner library, regressing, editing mind programs, designing metaphors for change, building & moving goals, choosing attitudes & attributes, future pacing, etc.

DISEASE MANAGEMENT - Locating the authentic self, managing body sensations, pain points, relaxing, releasing stress, building meaningful life experiences, etc.

HEATH MANAGEMENT - Building & motivating healthy lifestyle behaviors, exercise, high level nutrition, emotional management, thought management, etc.

SPORTS - Building skill, managing the mind game, building confidence, correcting in the moment, etc.

MP3'S AVAILABLE - Complimentary programs at my website.


Welcome back to the BlogAlong Self-Development Workshop. This online workshop follows my books/programs including Sugar....the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It, Beyond Disorderly Eating, the Mind & Body Fitness Boot Camp, Stop Nail Biting Now: 4 Steps to Success, as well as many of my CD/mp3 programs. If you are new to the Workshop, please read the early entries because this is like any other workshop you might attend. If you are late, there are things you have missed that will interfere with your understanding of the process for the attainment of high level health & performance.

The BlogAlong workshop is both didactic & interactive. The latter includes active discussions, mp3 downloads from my available library, as well as some designed specifically for this workshop. To participate in the discussions you will need to join one of my email yahoogroups. There are ten of them, located on my website or you can email me for an invitation. I suggest you work with a three ring binder &/or a journal. This will reinfoce your subconscious mind programs.