Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What the Scale Doesn't Know.... Part 2

'What you don't know....could kill you."......Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The amount of faulty information regarding weight loss & management is staggering. One would think that improved communication systems, as well as the regular use of the internet increase, things would change for the better, but unfortunately this is not so.

Every day I have yet another email that is filled with inaccuracies & false beliefs. What makes this so troubling is that mistakes in this vista of life can lead to illness & death. Now, if the body & mind were a car engine, it's more likely that the information & care would be more on target.

For those of you who are following "What the Scale Doesn't Know" is the second part of that blog entry. Following that is a conversation I had this morning with Edna.... one of the Workshop participants.

12. Dinner is the time for a balanced meal. It should contain healthy protein & fat, low-glycemic carbohydrates & a balance of healthy high-glycemics. When the body fat percentage is too high, it's a good idea to eat at least two cups of low-glycemics to help hold the blood sugars. I'm not in favor of eating refined sugars at this meal, but sometimes it takes awhile before an individual can wean themselves. I always suggest that my office patients stay away from binge choices. If one "must have" a cookie or something sweet, choose one that is "ok" but "not to die for."

Once again, the serving sizes at dinner depend on the needs of the body including the lean body mass, exercise & stress levels. When a person eats correctly, after a short while, the physiological appetite levels usually balance themselves. Emotional & compulsive eating are separate issues & need to managed in a different way. The body is very intelligent & knows what to do when it is provided with what it needs. Of course, in rare instances there are other medical problems, but for the large majority of people the problems are nothing more than lack of desire, lack of knowledge, lack of planning, lack of exercise, lack of stress management, lack of follow-through & self-disorder.

Diets don't work. One needs to know how to eat for what the body needs & then to learn how to eat those other foods that the mind wants. In "interactive self-hypnosis" we learn to "contain" those foods. We can have everything we desire, but not all the time or when the urge presents itself to us. As we learn to work with our mind-body connection, our emotional child-self, our compulsive nature & old patterns, we can break through the dangerous habits of the past & re-edit these with new facets & desire for healthy outcomes.


EDNA: I have been hypnotized before and am very susceptible. I am interested to know at what level do you go? How far under can I expect?

ELIZ: The depth of trance is determined by the participant & so you can go as deeply as you like. The suggestions are all in place on the programs. In addition, each time you repeat a program, the suggestion is there to go "deeper & deeper."

EDNA: I realize this is different from client to client, but I am looking for some strong suggestions regarding weight. I am a compulsive overeater. I eat for stress, boredom, and just because I think of food constantly. It would be wonderful to replace those thoughts with drinking water, then I would be the weight I need to be.

ELIZ: I have a problem with discussing "scale weight"........for it does not tell the proper story. Healthy weight is all about the ratio of lean body mass to the body fat percentage. There is a proper way to eat in order to get to that healthy lean body mass & then to maintain it. When the lean body mass is where it needs to be, the body will burn fat easily. It is well known that when the body fat percentage is too high, the individual is going towards insulin resistance......the precursor of diabetes, heart & circulatory disease, to name just a few of the connected issues.

Over-eating can be both physiological & order to solve the problem once & for all, both need to be attended to. This is the way ALL of my eating programs are designed. Of course, one can look to drinking water IF the food is in proper order & the insulin is being regulated with the needed nutrition, BUT if the food isn't in order, then it would be wrong to have the water in place of it.

As for the weight you need to be, it isn't possible to know that UNLESS you know your lean body mass & body fat percentage, as well as your activity level. For example, I am 5'4". When my lean body mass was too small, my scale weight was 119 pounds. Now, my lean body mass is right where it needs to be & I weigh 150 pounds & I wear the same size. That is because muscle is dense. Do know that this is not my idea, but is based on scientific/health fact & can be researched on the internet.

EDNA: I abuse sugar and carbs because I work at night from my home doing computer work. I abuse carbs and sugar to keep me going. So I am looking for some pretty strong suggestions.

ELIZ: Once again, if you are not eating correctly during the day, then the sugar/carb issues can surface at night. In addition, I'm sure you have a compulsive habit.....from what you are saying. All of this can be managed hypnotically, but the approach has to be both physiological & emotional in order to solve the problem.

EDNA: I have tried some other cd’s for hypnosis but have found most deal with eating healthy, which is not that much of a problem for me.

ELIZ: I'm not convinced that you are eating in a healthy fashion for the needs of your body. I would need to see some food logs, etc. Also, timing of meals is so very important & if you are grazing, even on healthy food, then there is still going to be an insulin issue. This also reinforces the night eating behavior & perhaps the triggers. All of this needs to be re-set.

EDNA: I just don’t know when to quit eating, the reason being that I had a gastric bypass several years ago and I never feel hungry, so I just don’t know when to stop. I also constantly think about what to eat next. Can your programs help me?

ELIZ: It sounds to me that you need to manage thoughts & emotions that are related to compulsive/emotional eating issues, as well as to resolve the triggers & to get the physiology in proper management. And yes, my programs are designed to do all of these things....


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