Sunday, September 30, 2007

Planting Conscious & Subconscious Change

"It's possible to change your mind in the blink of an eye."...Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Just about all the members of the Workshop have disorderly eating issues. Some have weight issues, but not everyone. Katrina, for example, has a normal scale weight, as does Jack. One of the biggest misconceptions about disorderly eating is that it only has to do with those who are over-weight or who have a high body fat percentage. Simply not so. I've met up with thousands of disorderly or unhealthy eaters who look fit & trim on the outside, but inside is a different matter.


Affirmations give us the opportunity to enter & then experience maturity, including the facets of behaviors that accompany it. Thought-talk is very powerful. What you think is what you get. Earlier on you learned that every thought is a goal for the subconscious mind, so it stands to reason that if you plant positive thoughts, you are going to program your mind for positive outcomes.

Change is always a matter of choice. Awareness or knowledge is usually not enough to motivate change. You need more. As you walk through the workshop of the world you will hear people speaking about their problems, sometimes for years on end. These people are stuck. They have identified the octopus, but not the tentacles under the surface. In addition, they have not formulated what they want.....identification being only the first part of the change equation. These individuals have no motivational or action programs to propel them into the actual desire or change momentum. You might notice them beginning to change, but if the inner programs linked to persistence & consistency are missing from their tool belts, they will end up quitting at the first road-block opportunity.

They might even be "happy" to see the road-block, as they ahve been looking for some ecuse along the path to assist in their rationalization of not pushing forward. You will hear it in their language & see it in their expressions, both big & small. If you look closely you might see a secondary emotion underneath the presenting one. For example, in the heat of rationalization look for a glimmer in the eye, or a small "almost smile" sitting on the lips. You might have even felt this in one of your moments!

The higher your awareness, the easier it is to keep the path clear & open to choice. Keep in mind that both conscious & subconscious thought can lead you down the path of incredible success....if you so choose to play your cards this way. Affirmations, or positive self-talk help to keep the path clear, aiding in the heightening of awareness. These mini-mind programs can be utilized independently....right in the moment. For example, you may want to build motivation in a particular area of your life & so you will choose to work with affirmations designed for that specific goal or over-arching goal.

There are thousands of affirmations already written & ready to be planted. But it's not enough to simply read them or to have knowledge of them. That's like holding a packet of seeds in you hand, but doing nothing more. No matter how long you hold them, the flowers will never grow there. They have to be planted & then nurtured.


Here are a few examples that the group is working with today. These come from my program of Affirmations for Disorderly Eating. This is available through my website in both CD & mp3.

As you pick up the plants, please read the label & then notice the image that accompanies the words…. It is a living image…..just like a little movie….. demonstrating the active affirmation & showing you where to plant it in relation to your own perceived disorderly eating patterns….you will also notice that when you go to plant, you will also be removing weeds & tilling the soil…..yes, it is time for a complete fresh start….. nothing needs to stay the same…..although as I mentioned earlier, you do have some eating behaviors or patterns that ARE healthy, but perhaps you haven’t paid attention to them OR you haven’t honored them……..thereby allowing them to become helpful to you. But you are here now & so here’s the first plant that appears on your wagon….

I image all the good I wish to experience.

Pay attention to the words on the label & the accompanying image…..don’t rush. No need. Take a moment to be with this. This is a gift plant……….asking you to image all the good you wish to experience in your nutritional department. What do you want? What do you need? What do others have that you would like to have? Remember, you can have whatever you want…… just need to ask in deep relaxed focus, just as you are doing now. Interactive self-hypnosis is just like a dream machine. Image it….sense it emotionally……..& it is yours. Forget the weeds…..they exit as the new plant arrive….. actually wanting to exit…..being tired of filling the space where a healthy plant belongs…..weeds leave easily….so go ahead now & “image all the good you wish to experience.” The planting is taking place right now….

Next…..The level of my health is ever increasing.

Pay attention to the words on the label of the plant & the living image. Pay attention to the details. How is your health increasing? What do you see here? In what areas is change taking place? Look around your nutritional life……keeping in mind that it is multi-faceted, so there is truly much to see. These images are “future-paced” meaning that your subconscious mind is planting these in the future & the future begins…….NOW. That’s how quick it is & so look again at the level of your health increasing. Are you alone? Are others with you? Listen to the positive chatter. Plant well done.

Next……..My successful living lies in my ability to put first things first.

Disorderly eating, including the behaviors & emotions that are involved with it are just what the descriptive word states….disorderly….messy……uncared for……left unattended…..and so, your successful living lies in your ability to put first things first. The image on this label is very important…. Pay attention & in fact, I’d like you to enter the image. Go ahead….look down at your feet & locate them in the middle of the disorder. You can walk around your disorder…..don’t hide…..look at it clearly…..notice that you are not the disorder…..the disorder is outside of yourself…..& since it’s outside, you can bring order to all of it….that is why I asked you to visit first hand. It’s like cleaning up a messy room…..and so it helps to be able to see what this area will look like when it is orderly…….go ahead & open the door over there on the right hand wall……..enter…..this is orderly eating……and includes everything that is necessary to have order in your eating… walk around this area…..paying close attention……enter your kitchen… the fridge……..each cupboard one by one……noticing the order……noticing the food choices……noticing the level of health indicated on each food…….the food label telling you the purpose of this particular food……what it is to do for your body…..everything here has a purpose…..notice how relaxed you are as if the foods were already doing their job inside of you……all of these foods enjoyable…..easy to prepare… to prepare…..tasty & exciting… your mind & to your body……and now going into the food preparation area of this orderly eating sector….. noticing how easy the orderly you is finding the preparation……smiling, relaxing, effortless preparation……positive words here…..all healthy words in relation to preparation…..and now walking into the shopping area……list in hand….easy & effortless…..healthy foods entering the basket stating their purpose….everything having a purpose…..inner beauty for the body & for the mind….. orderly……and now into the self-scheduling area…. Noticing that you eat every 3.5 to 4 hours….. lots of healthy vegetables….fiber…..whole fruits….whole grains…..easy effortless planning for meals & snacks…..enjoying your orderliness in this & all areas……….& so now, returning to the disorderly area…..noticing that it has turned orderly in your absence & a note is being given to you by your orderly self-……I’ve learned to put first things first. I combat all areas of my life with this mantra……first things first…..second things second…..all in good order now.

Next….. I easily notice what is undone & complete it with ease & grace.

Look to the words & then to the active image….. there you are fully awake in all areas of your life & of course including your orderly eating area….. noticing that some things have been left undone & they actually wave to you…..requesting to be completed, as it feels so good to you & to the things to be completed…..finished……orderly. Go ahead inside the image now & step into your orderly Self as this part of you goes through the area like a special radar driven vacuum cleaner…..self-organizer…..straightening out anything & everything that waves in any sub-area of orderly eating….. perhaps even introducing you to new possibilities ….maybe things you never tried before or taking you up a notch….. this is a good moment to recognize the upper notches in this area of your living……making things better than before & climbing to new heights of achievement……perhaps in organization…..planning…..preparation……shopping… many notches & so many places to excel….. to become excellent…..not only for yourself & all of your body parts, but for others who learn from you… they children or adults…..remembering that you are always teaching by your actions & so this special affirmation opens you to the practice of excellence…..listen again…. I easily notice what is undone & complete it with ease & grace….. dancing through this ultra-important area of your life, not only for now, but for the youSELVES living up your path in your future.