Monday, September 17, 2007

Brain Clouds Revealed - Part 2

"There is nothing easy about waking up & seeing with true clarity, but make no mistake for this is the road to maturity."....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The Workshop participants are busy waking up, some faster than others. It's easy to know who is on the mature path & who is just peaking from behind the rocks, procrastinating about coming out, perhaps thinking it is much easier to stay in denial of what is true. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to hide. Sooner or later one has to come out & step into maturity. This happens in different ways. For some, it's a matter of slow progression, but for others it can be a more dramatic shift, either delivered by the Self, by others, or by circumstances.

Deanne has been jolted onto the path by her diagnosis of cancer of the breast. In the past she would come out, touch the path & then often retreat back, thinking that she had all the time in the world to truly engage herself in maturity. She came to find out that wasn't so & the rude awakening left her very shakey because her foundations weren't as strong as they could have been. In relation to firm foundations, there is no time to waste.

In my leadership position as RN, Educatior & writer of the spokenWORD, it is my job to help, not only Deanne, but the rest of the group as well. As writers & teachers, we get to use what we have in front of us.

A diagnosis of cancer can make or break a person. So can a pick slip. Deanne was in better shape than most people because she already knew about brain clouds & heightened awareness. Of course, the diagnosis hit her very heard, especially because she wasn't expecting it. She needed some time to adjust to her new reality, to get on track for what she needed to do. Once the surprise was over, she had a choice to make. Would she choose to keep the negative bfrain clloud, or would she be willing to work to dispel it? Her new life experiences would be tied to her choice.

She didn't have a large window of opportunity in which to make up her mind. The subconscious begins it's etching process very quickly. If she stayed behind the rock, procrastinating with staying the victim in the dark clouds, her mind would see this as her goal of choice, bringing more of the same to her, actually digging her deeper into the dark depression she located in the rock. A place to hide!! No, not really, for there is no place to hide. Better wake up to that.

Taking the positive route meant disallowing some of her grieving, even though she was entitled to it. Instead, she could push with consistency through all sorts of hurdles, into a positive & healing state, the actual pushing making her stronger & stronger. As we listen to Deanne, for her there was no choice. She would dispel the brain cloud & would return immediately to the mature path, this time wearing army boots. "For me, it is back to the same old drawing board, but with a brand new scenario & new boots."

Deanne will have to begin again with introspective, self-detective work, but I feel very sure that she will become her own expert in managing her diagnosis. In other words, she will become the CEO of both her mind & body, because as she does, both physical & emotional healing will take place.

One doesn't have to have an oncology diagnosis or a chronic disease state to understand Deanne's predicament of having the rug pulled out from under oneself. It happens every day with big rugs & small rugs. It could have to do with relationships, job security or falling off the nutritional path. One moment things are going well & then life turns on a dime. Ominous brain clouds can appear very quickly & so it's important to make the right decision very quickly, because windows of opportunity are usually very small when it comes to negotiating polluted clouds.

Your job is to make sure that your subconscious mind knows what you truly want & that you spend little to no time in getting back on your path to maturity.


Relax deeply into the moment. Go even deeper, utilizing techniques you learned earlier in the Workshop. When you are ready, tilt your closed eyes gently upwards, locating your mind screen. Where are you? Are you on or off the path of maturity? Are you behind a rock? Have you crawled into the depressed area? If so, notice that your Higher or Mature Self has gone to rescue you.....taking you by the hand & leading you back to where you belong. Sense the feeling of secuirty that is delivered by this aspect of your Self. Allow this to resonate in your body, as well as in your mind. If you would like to bring images of your Higher Power into play, please do so. Now, notice that you are walking forward, picking up small rocks that tend to trip......& placing them in rock gardens along your way.

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