Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brain Clouds

The Workshop participants are now working with minds that are open & flowing. Now is a good time for me to discuss high stress overloads & how to manage them.


Brain clouds are groups of negative mind programs that block communication with the subconscious mind library. You & you alone are responsible for producing stress chemicals in your body that form the brain clouds & you are also responsible for diminishing them.

Here in the Workshop you will be waking up to the many ways you produce these chemicals. The more awake you are, the more clolud material you will be able to see & sense. Each moment of self-awareness gives you the choice to diminish or release these. Most cloud material is diminished or released in small measures. Each time you become aware & choose to diminish a measure of cloud, you are actually re-programming your subconscious mind.

Stress chemicals, or clouds, are produced in many ways. Some are on automatic pilot & so we may not be conscious of the production, but the stress chemicals are there nevertheless & need to be released. If not, they are stored & can lead to all sorts of problems. Other stress producing moments are easier to find. for example, you place your body in food stress when you eat incorrectly for your specific & unique body & mind needs.

If you have a family medical history of diabetes or heart disease & you don't eat accordingly, your body will over-produce insulin & a host of other stress producing chemicals. This can also happen if you skip meals or don't eat sufficiently for your exercise level. When practicing inadequate nutrition, you rob your body of the nutrients needed for the many different departments that are required to function to keep you alive. This is very stressful on your body & can lead to the development of killer diseases, as well as interfere with your cognitive functioning. No one gets away free!

You also produce stress chemicals when you practice emotional imbalance or negative thought patterns. If you are not awake & aware to these, you many not think to release them & to bring your body back into homeostasis or balance. This is why it is important to practice meditative tools, even though you may not think to do so.

You also produce stress chemicals or brain clouds when you don't pay attention to your body communications, such as fatigue, that can appear in many different body departments. Your head may ache, or your shoulders & back may feel tired or stiff. Your eyes may need a bfreak, especially if you read a lot or sit in front of a computer. Your legs may report being stiff if you have been sitting for too long. Imagine for a moment that you are one of your body parts & no matter how you complain, your Self will not pay attention to you. In fact, your Self might anser your complaint of stress by actually adding more stress to your situatin, such as eating a chocolate bar, drinking caffeine or smoking a cigarette.

You produce brain cloud stress chemicals when you don't release stored stress during your day. If you produce & store enough stress, you can produce a biochemical disaster or a major brfain cloud. Over time, brain clouds can lead to many stress-related diseases & even death. So we now understand that brain clouds are caused by high level stress chemical production that interferes with all functions of the mind & body. In addition, brain clouds block the road to the goals you are chosen to try on in the Life University Workshop, thereby causing even more loss; the loss of what could be.

These ominous clouds keep you away from utilizing your powerful & creative subconscious library & impede healing in all departments, from body to emotional. Brain cloud composition is different for each of us. As we stay aware & explore different areas of our day, some of the components of the cloud can change, but usually clouds lean towards the negative or positive compositions that are dictgated by intact personality or behavioral patterns.


I met Deanne in an earlier Workshop. She was 52 years old & had terrible brain clouds in most areas of her life. She had just been divorced & wasn't feeling complete in her work-life. The years that lead up to her divorce had drained her & being free of her husband was about all she was going to get. She was truly out of touch with what her body had been telling her over & over again for more years than she cared to remember.

"Elizabeth asked me to observe my cloud-states & I felt truly frightened as I grew increasingly away of what I had been bringing to my mind & body. My eating was OK, but not great. If you looked at me, you probably wouldn't have noticed, but my body did. I was highly stressed & little did I know that very soon I would be paying the Piper a big price for all of this. I worked on my self-develoment, utilizing Interacitve Self-Hypnosis & began to have more positive experiences in my life. I looked & felt better than I had in a very long time & even my work had taken some creative turns.

My 56th birthday was to be a great celebration. My friends gave me a surprise party & tickets to hawaii. My sons surprised me by flying in for the occasion. My doctor also surprised me & gave me a diangosis of breast cancer. So much for the party."

Deanne's brain cloud turned very toxic & needed to be cleared many times during her day. Her emotions were producing large quantities of stress chemicals that were going to interfere with her diagnosis & treatment, as well as the quality of her life. It would become very important for her to work closely with her support team, but the cloud-work could only be done by her.

In the next Workshop we'll follow Deanne through her re-centering work, taking her from her cancer diagnosis, back into living her life.

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