Sunday, September 9, 2007

Painting with Focus & Flow

"While we all are given the same amount of time, how we utilize it can change our outcomes dramatically. This is not a matter of luck, but instead, a matter of managing thoughts & careful, precise planning."...Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Another hand is raised in the workshop, this time taking us into what appears to be a completely different area, but is it? We soon to come to understand that managing time IS also about staying out of fantasy thoughts, including allowing the presence of disorganized & negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, depression & the like.

Jim works as a district manager for a tire company. He is explaining to the group about his unrelenting, high stress levels & cannot see how this can be changed by working in the theater of the mind. He has little faith that his TeacherSELF can open any doors for him in this regard.

The group looks to me, hoping that I won't be stumped by this, most likely because they can all relate. If I allow even an inkling of "this is not solvable", everyone will program that into their own minds & we'll be like a group retreating backwards. Obviously, I've been this route before & I'm looking forward to taking everyone forward.

Since Jim was the one to raise his hand, I'll work with him specifically, with the group coming along as active participant, just as we did with Pam. This way everyone benefits with new, powerful mind programs, delivered by their own TeacherSELVES.

I'm calling the TeacherSELF image into the room. I prefer to work through images that are located inside each member of the group. Keeping me out of the equation removes defensive blocks, as well as programming everything individual-specific & personal. The subconscious mind has a history of teacher images & will go ahead by choosing a very positive teacher image for each individual.

Relax now & deflate your body. Take it down even deeper than before. You already know how to do this.... & when you are ready, I'd like to show you where the steps are located that will take you down even further.... to the CLOCK of the most valuable collections in the subconscious mind library. Ready now.... there are five steps over here & let's decend together....counting down & looking forward....towards the organized SELF who is waiting for you. Each of us has this part already installed, even if you haven't been in touch in awhile.

The organized SELF leads us into the area of the "clocks." While yours are quite well attended to, you will notice that the care you provide is well below that of others in the world, who are known as high-end "clock" managers. Here is where you face your own self & choose to dismantle or change patterns or behaviors that take you away from the path leading to high-end "clocking." The clocks themselves are ready to be interviewed & will tell you where you are stalling or losing moments, minutes, hours, even days at a time.

It's important to listen & to remain open when in the presence of the powerful "clocks." ( This is a highly effective, creative mind exercise that literally opens your own subconscious mind for personal communication. You may hear the answers immediately, or they will come to you later, either through a "eureka" thought OR as a hot desire to act or change something.)

Listen now....most of us can remember a time when evedrything seemed to shine with a sparkling clarity; when everything just seemed to click without effort. Breathe..... open. These are moments worth living for & during those times we really know all that we are capable of doing & being. This experience is known as the focused mind state & is paramount in maintaining excellent "clocking."

Come with me now, into the workshop. Here you will be given the three essential parts of the focused mind state. Notice that they look like hats..... each one inviting itself to sit on your head.

Place the first hat on your head....your focus hat & listen as it places suggestions into your subconscious mind. For most people, the mind is like an ordinary light bulb, but your mind can be a bright spotlight, pinpointing with great clarity. One of the most effective ways for obtaining this level of concedntration is through utilizing your breath & focus of attention. This is a meditative process called mindfulness & is key to removing the "cloud cover" from your thought processes. Do this now.... simply breathe & replay what I just told you. Observe as the cloud disintegrates.

The second hat is asking to be placed on your head now. Go ahead... this is your flow hat. A good metaphor for understanding "flow" is the comparison between swimming in the Atlantic Ocean versus swimming in the calm Gulf of Mexico. See or sense those images now. Flow is a process of allowing a momentary focus of concentration to continue for a period of time.

I am instructing you to meditate with your breath on a daily basis. I'd like you to fractionate this practice, meaning to divide it up between six chairs..... sitting six times per day for 5 minutes each time. Part of you may be arguing that you don't have time.... & while this would appear to be true, the amount of time saved by slowing the mind will be extraordinary!

The third hat is asking for attention now.....mind flexibility. Listen....I'm about mastgering the quality of your attention. You may know what a flexible body feels like. Well, the same can be true of your mental state. When you have mental flexibility you can move your mind through an infinite array of tasks & functions. There are great exercises here in the workshop for developing these special muscles. A simple one is to just focus on your brfeath for a few minutes. You already practiced that... & now move your attention to another object in your environment. Stay with that object for a minute or so & then move back to the breath. Stay with the bnreath & then move to another object, repeating the exercise.

You are now on your way to experiencing high level "clock-work." In the next blog we'll go further into the workshop of the mind & visit the University. Here is where goal experimentation takes place, followed by planning, action-taking, motivating & moving through the obstacle course is practiced.