Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Ocotopus Revisited

"You may be surprised at what's bothering you or blocking your route to success.."....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht


When we become active in doing self-work, the subconscious mind often becomes very active, sending thoughts, questions or images up to consciousness OR visiting in the form of sleep-dream states. So, if you are following the Workshop, as well as working in your Journal, stay aware for important break-throughs, also known as Eurekas.


Katrina, a member of the Workshop, has a bulimic octopus that is loaded with tentacles. Her bulimia has been around for decades, but the head of the octopus has been so frightening that Katrina never dared to swim underwater & to examine it further. For those who deal with eating disorders, addictions or other problematic behaviors or habits, there comes a time when enough is enough. Katrina has arrived at this time, having decided that she is tired of being frightened & overwhelmed. She truly wants to get it under control & so is actually eager to meet what she consideres the monster challenge. Katrina told the group, "I'm so exhaused from being out of control in my life & I'm beginning to sense the bulimia is the reason for the breakdown in other areas other areas of life, especially my financial issues & relationships, both personal & with myself."

Since beginning the Workshop, Katrina has been having some level of success with managing the bingeing & purging.

I don't know how come I have my breakdowns I think that the slips are to often. I only went 4 days this last time after two weeks before. Do others have this same pattern OR do their symptoms stop dead once the tools have been applied?

ELIZ: No, it's like learning to ride a bicycle. Each time you GET BACK ON, you are letting the subconscious mind or inner-child know that you are in charge. After awhile, you will be more able to stop falling when the wheels wiggle OR when you feel slightly imbalanced. Carry on.........

I did some talking to my child this morning as I was walking and it was kind of strange what I heard my thoughts saying.

ELIZ: Ahhhhhh......she is now willing to tell you the underground secrets....the part of the octopus that is under water. She is trusting you.

Here's my child-self talking. I understand that the binging & purging are a deversion from reality & the problems of "your" every day life, as well as the experience that you think you can't face in your struggle. But now I want to tell you that there is more. I think it has something to do with losing weight, because everytime you quit you are able to lose weight, gain confidence & then what happens to you is that you feel uncomfortable.

ELIZ: A very astute inner child........truly wanting to help you.
What is it that you would be giving up if you lost weight?

Sometimes I think that I should not be thin because it makes my Mom jealous & then I feel uncomfortable. It's like she really won't love me & I already think that she doesn't.

ELIZ: This is a little child thought. "Mommy will only love me when.........." Mothers love unconditionally. If they don't, then the mother has the problem & you need to come to accept that this is the best she can do. It's like a form of mental unwellness. So, it's time to accept your mother for what she can or cannot do. You need to let go of her hand & to get on with improving you own self, for that is YOUR responsibility. Remember, you can only LOVE to the level that you LOVE yourself. So this is an area for improving yourself & be glad to have found it.

Also I think that I don't deserve to be thin because I don't think that I deserve ever to be where I want to be.

These thoughts/beliefs NEED self-correction. Pretend that the child appears in the form of a disorderly dog. You love the dog, but as the PACK LEADER or dog owner, you cannot allow the dog to be undisciplined. See yourself walking the dog on a leash. When the dog presents even a small idea of this, correct the dog by pulling the leash towards you...just a quick, little jerk on the lead. Rather like riding a horse..........SELF CORRECTION. Don't try to reason with the dog/horse/child. Simply CORRECT & do so immediately. This movement, be it real or in your mind, interrupts the negative hypnosis, leaving you ready to program for what you want. It's vital to disallow EVERY thought distortion, right in the moment.

I think that people are nice to me if I lack confidence to stick up for myself or if I seem in control of a situation.

ELIZ: CHILD THOUGHT - SELF-CORRECT. This is a totally inaccurate/distorted thought. This is manipulation & it's like allowing a dog to bite you OR a horse to kick you OR a person to abuse you. Keep in mind that you don't have to argue every point in life. Sometimes when we haven't spoken up or been assertive, others believe that they can utilize us as their scapegoats. So, pick the battles & feel assured that you don't have to go after each little, bitty one.

This doesn't mean that you are not sticking up for yourself. For example, sometimes my husband says something critical about me that I don't agree with. I just let it by-pass me, but understanding that he is in his own "child-self" & obviously is having a bad day. I don't need to wrestle if I don't want to. Just let it pass a cow paddy that someone throws.....just step to the side.

I think people know that they can relie on me and always turn to me if I am confident I sometimes feel like saying no then I will lose people and that is worse than being sad over being so fat.

ELIZ: If you say yes when you want to say no, then you are being a disingenuine person. This is the same as lying to others......not the way you want to be. You can learn to frame your "no" in a genuine way. For example, "I truly wish I could do that for you, but I can't." This is a moment of being genuine, true to yourself & to others. This is being a "good human being".....PRACTICE.

If I am thin I long for things I can never have if I am overweight I feel like I don't deserve anything. You know how uncomfortable I feel when I feel in control and worthy because even you don't think we are worthy.

ELIZ: SELF-CORRECT THE DOG/HORSE/CHILD. None of this has to do with your weight OR what you put in your body. Think of your body as a separate being, are responsible for your body. Each time you abuse it, you say "no health" to it or punish it. Doesn't sound like the YOU that you are presenting to the rest of the world. Again this is disingenuine.......right now promise yourSELF that you will be a genuine or authenic you. Take off all disingenuine coats & sense the freedom of that. THIS is who you were born to be.

My other self doesn't know how to respond so I have just been reflecting on what to do next This is all so much I need something but I don't know what.

ELIZ: Well, when learning to ride a horse or a needs to PRACTICE. One needs to build discipline in the specific area. Just because you are disciplined in one area of your life, doesn't mean that you are disciplined in the others.

I am an emotional mess.

ELIZ: SELF-CORRECT the above statement. It's negative self-talk & etching a negative goal. Pull the lead or the reins. You are in charge of what goes on in both your mind & body.


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