Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fresh Start

"If it seems like this will take forever, you are right."....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht


Getting to know each other is a very important part of the life educational process because we are all teachers & students at the same time. As such, we all learn from each other, as we teach each other. As I get to know the Workshop participants, this is what I hear oer & over again. "Oh, what I wouldn't give for a fresh start!"

Well, the good news is that "fresh starts" are available to us in each & every moment. While most of us don't need quite so many, do know that they are there, so there is no reason not to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities.

Here are some mini-mind programs, also known as "affirmations" to take you from wake-up, into new, virgin territory in the creative mind. When you read or say these Self growth statement, place an image in your thought process that represents the affirmation & then connect a true physical feeling to the image. This is how you mind-etch these. Once you complete the etch, your own mind will work to reinforce these new belief programs for you.

I am always free to choose to stop doing what I am doing.

I am always free to choose to break old habits & patterns.

I am always free to choose to change anything & everything.

I recognize & own the fact that I am the writer, producer & director of my life.


Let's just sit & focus for a moment here. We are usually in such a rush to get what we want, that we don't take the time to truly explore what's going on or blocking our way.

Since all we have to do is to know what we want & then plug into desire, why do we ignore this gigantic opportunity? Take a moment here & let that question settle in yur own subconscious mind. When you are ready, I'll give you some additional insights, but please don't rush your own personal work. In fact, from now on forward, you will become acutely aware of how often you are rushing, or chasing your tail. That, in itself, will be enlightening. As you begin to work with your own inner Self, you will find more answers coming to your own mind that will be very Self-specific.

Here are some things I've noticed. Perhaps you have noticed them as well.

Most of us have excuses living on our tongues & for those of us who are tired of the excuse-life, it is often difficult to decide what to do instead of what we are doing & then how to actually begin the new choice.

We think about starting tomorrow, but tomorrow comes & goes & we find ourselves in the same old place.

We might wake up with good intentions, but then "life interrupts us" & despite our intentions, we fall back into old emotional patterns, beliefs, activities, choices, as if these were the only place to go.

Before we know it, we're at the end of the day & still "window-shopping" in our mind, desiring things that we simply cannot grasp, or for some reason, cannot hold onto for long, if at all.

And so, we tend to live in the land of good intentions & excuses, spending incredible energy on depending ourselves, our positions of inactivity or perceived failure, then blaming others for steppin on our toes & our dreams. Most of this constitutes garbage.

Basically, we're all the same, having histories & baggage, desires & dreams. If you have joined this Workshop, you will be doing many things differently from now on. If you are just stopping in for a quick observation, I hope you decide to stay, because the Workshop will change your life. It has to.

Some of the things you will be changing will be obvious to you, but others not so obvious. You will be consciously aware of some changes, but others will simply happen, as if they had a life of their own. you will find yourself replacing old emotional patterns, beliefs, activities & choices. Much of this will be effortless. You will no longer just "window shop" in life. You will actively choose what you want & act in accordance to make it yours.

I ask you to work with the mp3's I've given you, a Journal & a 3 ring binder. You can download the lesson areas for your own personal use. remember that all of my material is copyrighted & so you cannot reproduce it. Go through each part,highlighting areas that speak out to you. This is communication from your own subconscious mind, who is attentive right along with you. I'll be showing you how to work with these parts utilizing a self-hypnotic tool called automatic writing. This will allow you to explore areas that interest you & your own inner mind coach. I'll also suggest CD/mp3 programs that can assist you in working quicker & at higher creative levels.

The past issues of this blog can be found below. Other segments are stored in the following separate blog. For those of you who would like to practice Interactive Self-Hypnosis, there is always a complimentary mp3 sitting on my website. The program that is there presently is a full session called The Life University. This is part of a 2-CD/mp3 program for re-structuring goals & implementing them in all parts of life. I'm sure you will join others who have enjoyed working with this program. I'll be changing this in a few days, so you might want to take advantage of it while it is still posted. The next program will be on goal achievement.