Friday, September 21, 2007

Stress as Teacher

"Sometimes our teachers come dressed in strange clothes."....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht


I'm glad Claire had a medical examination & I suggest tht each Workshop participant check in with their physician before making any lifestyle changes. I truly understand what it feels like to be told that you have nothing wrong, despite feeling so sick & tired. This is what happens when the body is complaining, but hasn't totally broken down as yet.....or at least, not enough for a disease to be present on laboratory tests or radiological studies. "

"If we were to use an image here....the door to the disease is over there & right now you are on the path going towards it. This is the pre-disease path." How close you are to the door, let's you know where you are in relation to the formal diagnosis." How do things look for you? Now, turn around & look away from the door of the disease. This is the way you will be walking from now on. On occasion, you might like to look back at the door, not only to guage your progress, but to motivate yourself."

The Workshop & Life University mp3 is helping you to open to what you need to know about YOU. Some of the things you need are already in your awake Knowledge-base or consciousness, but other things are suppressed or completly out of reach. As you work through the Workshop, you will begin to know more about yourSELF, your specific needs becoming clearer.

"Why is this so important? "

Well, you cannot change what you cannot see or sense. Now, on a positive note, sensing stress in the body or mind will give you an opportunity, not only to open or release, but to know what is underneath it, including areas that are not so obvious; things that are deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. That is why stress can be considered a very special teacher-of-sorts.


Even before we awaken in the morning, stress chemicals are being produced. Most of us are unaware of the amount of stress or body tension we hold. It's like putting on a stress-coat, not even recognizing the weight of it. As the hours pass, stress mounts. Most of us tend to release it with an unhealthy activity or excess, such as employing coffee, caffeine, smoking, sugaring or bingeing. The day continues in this unhalthy fashion, adding to the already present stress-related problems of the body departments, including cognitive functioning of the mind. Bedtime is the only healthy stress-release time, but unfortunately most do not have deep-relaxed, releasing dream-sleep, especially without taking a sleeping aid.

Once I was able to know Jo a bit better, I found other things along her path that were definely tripping her, as well as blocking her from her short & long term goals. When stressors, be they big or small are uncovered, it becomes easier to manage them. It was easy to identify Jo's abusive husband as a stress-source, as well as her new caerre, taking care of her children, even her pets. Her newly formed heightened awareness was going to tell more of the things we needed to know. There was also the matter of her past & lack of early skill building. Jo had a traumatic childhood, ever learning how to enhance her own self-worth, nor how to set limits & boundaries, or to be her own wise & loving inner counsel & support system.

A few years back, Jo's goals were very clear. The actions towards these were easily designed. However, her new goals tend to miss this clarity. Unclear goals, those without precise definition, cannot be well-directed by the subconscious mind. Her mind does hold everything she needs to achieve whatever it is, but in order to have this system working at top-notch speed & accuracy, she needs to release stress, as well as super-detal her goals in order to break out of her quagmire.

Everything Jo needs is located in her subconscious library. She has noticed glimmers of the gifts that await her, but her brain cloud is blocking her ability to contact her subconscious mind librarian. Unfortunately, all the librarian can seem to get through to Jo are the glimmers. Jo will have to work to disperse her bfrain cloud & then to enhance her inner communication system with her librarian.

Jo has many strengths, tremendous desire & drive, but these can also work against her. This is one area where she needs awareness & work. Like most of us, Jo has a tendency to procrastinate, especially when left alone, tending to wait until the pressure builds before mounting her march forward. She needs to identify her tendencies to go towards these old behavioral patterns. As she wakes up to her stress chemical production, she can request that her own subconscious mind release the stress, then utilize the released energy to push her hard onto her clearly defined goal path. If you have never tried imagery such as this, I suggest that you do. It can really be a jolting experience!

Once Jo uncovers her old patterns without guilt or shame, she will be in the desired position to adjust direction. I also suggest that she work on geting to know her inner motivational system, finding out what causes her drive & desire to spiral upwards, pushing her into action. She can also ask her subconscious mind to show her this, especially after recognizing & releasing stress, for this is the ideal time to hold court with the inner self. Now she will be able to spot those very specific inner mind programs that have made her successful in the past, so she can apply them to any areas where her old patterns have been holding her back, locked up in procrastination.

One of the areas we are working on in the Workshop is disease prevention, managing stress as as a helpful tool, aimed at disease turn-around. These very same tools or mindEXERCISES will take you towards Optimum Functioning, both in body & mind, the tools being healing & creative at the same time.

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