Wednesday, September 12, 2007

mindART - Attending the Life University

"You can make something happen today. Good things can happen to you & for you right now. As you learn to break your big plan for success into small steps, you can take the first step right away. Your success is a matter of your expectations. Once these are accepted by your own inner mind, the plans are placed on the drawing board. You are the one who stretches your horizons & then designs the roadway.".......Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The Workshop group is working with my Life University Program. I've placed a link for a full session from this program below & it will be there for just a few more days. Listening will allow you to plant the very same programs that I'll be presenting to the Workshop participants.

This program takes the listener or practitioner of self-hypnosis to the powerful Life University. The listener has the opportunity to visit skill building areas that may need more structure in his/her own life including emotional management, thought management, goal building & action classes, life balance, health, work ethics & motivation, relationship building, spiritual enhancing & opening, future pacing & planting & much more.

This program will help you to self-assess, to find areas that may benefit from change & to actually plant the mind programs tht will allow you to do so. This is an ideal program for those who truly want to move on & to truly make those changes that will greatly impact life.


Here we will be working with your Inner Professors or Mentors who exist in a special area of your creative mind. Here you get to choose some of your subjects.....just like in a real University setting....some of these include goal-choosing, management, motivation, the practical applications of persistence & perseverance, self-discipline, emotional & thought management to name a few. You will also be assigned to a self-care professor who will check out your current self-care program & grade you. After this you will be assigned to a self-care growth program, a very necessary part of succeeding in the Life University.

You'll be taking art appreciation & even geting your hands into clay & paint, exploring your own creativity & allowing it to flow. You'll be invited to extra-curricular activities wshere you will enjoy boosting your social skills, as well as practicing the art of listening. The library will give you the opportunity to work with authors & mentors from all walks of life, both present & past. you will be able to touch assets that perhaps have not been available to you in the past, but the past is past & now is now & the future is right up the road....closer than you think.

You will be assigned to specific professors who already know you & who will assist & guide you in the many different aras of life studies. This will all be accomplished through very special crfeative imagery. Your Professors will also function as a guidance team & with them, you will be inner-evaluating your special needs in relation to your goals in the many areas of your current life, as well as mapping out your future. This is known as inner strategic planning. You will be introduced to your time line where you will be able to future-pace, or plant those goals right onto your personal time line. here they will be fed & nurthured, even before they present themselves in your reality.

You will experience the meaning of being your own self-director, practicing maturity while availing yourself of the myriead of assets & opportunities that will avail themselves through the Life University, located in your very own subconscious mind. You will take your past, current & future life experiences to higher levels than before, perhaps higher than you ever thought possible, for this is the way of the creative mind & each & evedryone of us has these magnificent assets waiting to be accessed.

In the next part of the Workshop we will discuss your experiences with the first session.

The past issues of this blog can be found below. Other segments are stored in the following separate blog. For those of you who would like to practice Interactive Self-Hypnosis, there is always a complimentary mp3 sitting on my website. The program that is there presently is a full session called The Life University. This is part of a 2-CD/mp3 program for re-structuring goals & implementing them in all parts of life. I'm sure you will join others who have enjoyed working with this program. I'll be changing this in a few days, so you might want to take advantage of it while it is still posted. The next program will be on goal achievement.